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Holz-Her Sprint 1310-1


Year of Manufacture 2007

Perfect-looking joints is a key quality characteristic of fine furniture and in the professional interior fit-out sector. And it is only mechanised edge processing that can deliver the high level of quality demanded by the customer. Investment in an edge bander is thus essential, even for smaller businesses. The best possible solutions include the HOLZ-HER SPRINT model 1310. What makes it special is the unique HOLZ-HER combination of high economic efficiency with the performance features otherwise only found in higher classes.

An even greater output with the more powerful trimming unit 1918 with two 0.22 kW motors. Faster feed - 12m/min - greater throughput. The linear "self-drawing" cut ensures a precise tearfree trimming result.
Basic equipment for SPRINT 1310-1

The SPRINT 1310 and 1312 are equipped with five high-capacity core units:
 edging magazine
 glue application system
 pressure unit
 trimming unit
 multifunctional milling unit
Both machines can process rolled and solid-wood edges up to an edge thickness of 8 mm.

The new design of the 1310 and 1312 edge banders will impress with a clear-cut geometrical use of forms and the operational benefits they offer. Outstanding stability is provided by the concept for stiffening of the series. The basic machine has been extended by 300 mm to provide for an optional face scraper. Accessibility is improved by greater height and an angled line guide. The patented glue application system guarantees a secure bond between edging and workpiece. This means that there is virtually no alternative in comparison with the SPRINT models 1310 and 1312.

The new nozzle concept optimises gluing even further and provides for an extremely thin glued joint. The controlled application of glue takes place according to demand so that consumption is highly efficient.
This results in low costs and no unnecessary waste. The closed heating system
prevents any unpleasant odours. As the amount of glue currently required is only
ever melted down, discolouration or burning are ruled out. When the stock of glue is running out, the control system issues a plain text message in good time:

Fast glue change
One particular advantage of the cartridge system is the option of quickly switching
from EVA to polyurethane glue for efficient processing The system is highly flexible and saves both time and energy in everyday usage. It is only the cartridge that is
replaced - just add new glue and continue working.
Or to change the colour of the glue. The cartridge is replaced. Time-consuming cleaning of the glue basin is no longer necessary.

The performance of a glue application system depends on three factors: outstanding properties in terms of glue quality, short processing times and the resulting operating costs. The patented cartridge system 1906/1906 M from HOLZ-HER is a frontrunner in all three areas. It combines the high performance of a closed
heating system with the outstanding benefits of nozzle technology. Here the melted glue is applied to the panel via nozzles at high pressure, filling the pores in the workpiece. The result is an extremely long-lasting extensive bond.

Ready to start in 3.5 minutes As only the amount of glue actually required is melted
down, the heating time is reduced to 3.5 minutes - twice as fast as other standard
systems and offering an energy saving of up to 95%.

Holz-Her Sprint 1310-1 features:

  • Rotating and tilting control desk at eye level
  • All units individually addressable
  • Unit functions shown via plain text messages and
  • Clear central set-up of units and their axis settings
  • LED display for selection of units
  • Large LCD display with plain text messages and graphics
  • Program list with program names and numbers
  • Acquisition of operating data and fault diagnosis integrated
  • Service messages in plain text
  • Interval display for minimum workpiece spacing

Product Specification

Pressure unit

strong contact pressure for clean edge gluing

Trimming unit

“self-drawing” linear cut for a clean trimming resultSwivelling for chamfer

Multifunctional unit

for flush, radius and chamfer trimming

Scraper unit

for perfect smoothing of radii

Surface scraper

clean post-machining of surface

Buffing unit

for perfect post-machining of edges and surfaces forimpeccable finishing

Glue application

secure hold and clean joints

Edge feed

fully automatic user-friendly

Total length in mm


Workpiece thickness min./max. in mm

6 50

Edge band thickness depending on equipment in mm | inch

0,4- 8 0.02-0.31

Edge band height max. in mm | inch

55 2.17

Edge band length strips min. in mm | inch

350 13.78

Edge band projection/height

3 0.12

Workpiece width min. in mm | inch

60 2.36

Workpiece length max. in mm | inch

180 7.09

Compressed air connection in bar


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