Altendorf WA80 X Panel Saw

Machine Overview

Introducing the Altendorf WA80 X Panel Saw

The Altendorf WA 80 X panel saw with three motorised axes. This woodworking machine is number one for ease of operation and ergonomics. The eye level control panel of the Altendorf WA 80 X can be pivoted to the most convenient position for the operator. The rip fence is motorised. Square cuts and mitres are both carried out using the same crosscut-mitre fence.   The Altendorf WA 80 can take on any cutting challenge you can present it with, whatever material you want to cut, whether wood, plastic or non ferrous metal. With its well thought out design and robust build quality, it makes light work of simple but precise squaring cuts through to complex angles. Completely designed, developed and manufactured in Germany, the Altendorf WA 80 X panel saw sets a new benchmark for sliding table saws in terms of price and quality. The Altendorf WA 80 is a pleasure to work with, cut for cut, day after day.

The Price shown is for the WA80X in basic specification ex works Minden.

Product Features

  • Eye-level operating panel
  • Extraction hood: The large Altendorf extraction and safety hood system boasts a design which ensures optimised airflow
  • Motorised rip fence: The motorised rip fence has a traverse speed of 250 mm/sec
  • Crosscut-mitre fence: This fence simplifies crosscuts and mitre cuts because it does both
  • Robust and torsion free: The Altendorf machine frame.
  • Smooth-running and powerful: The Altendorf saw unit.
  • Sliding table: The Altendorf sliding table is renowned for its smooth and exact running.
  • Scoring unit with motorised adjustment
  • Wood, plastic, non-ferrous metals: The Altendorf WA 80 is ready for anything

Product Options

  • RAPIDO scoring tool
  • One-sided mitre fence:
  • Crosscut fence DIGIT L: For 1/10 mm accuracy
  • DUPLEX double-sided mitre fence:
  • PALIN: Long narrow workpieces can be cut parallel
  • STEG – second support on the sliding table
  • Manual quick-action clamp
  • Rip fence cutting widths - 800mm, 1000mm 1300mm
  • Sliding table Lengths - 2000mm, 3000mm, 3200mm, 3400mm, 3800mm,
  • Cross-cut fence - stops to 2500 or 3200mm
  • Cross-cut fence digit L - stops to 2500mm or 3200mm
  • Cross-cut fence digit LD
  • Parallelogram cross slide PQS - also available with Digit L and Digit LD
  • One-sided mitre fence, stops to 2500 mm
  • PALIN/Parallel cutting device - settable using digital dimension display with fine adjustment

Product Specification

Cutting heights, vertical (400mm diameter blade)0 - 125mm
Cutting heights at 45° (mm) (400mm Diameter blade)0 - 87mm
Motor(kW) 5.5
Voltage (V)380 – 420
Frequency (Hz)50
Current (A) without/with scorer11.5/13.5
Fuses/circuit breakers (A)25
Extraction connections (mm)80 + 120
Minimum air requirement: .Vmin = 1 150 m3/h at 20 m/sec