Casolin PF 530 Digit

The PF 530 Digit range of surface planers has been studied to satisfy various working requirements; ensuring functionality, safety and a low noise level.

Casolin PF 530 Digit Features

Tick bullet point Foot control panel operates the motor driven lifting of the feed table.
Tick bullet point Digital reading of the thickness being removed.
Tick bullet point Easy positioning and increased work accuracy.

Casolin PF 530 Digit Options

Tick bullet point Tersa cutter block
Tick bullet point Motor 4Kw and 5.5Kw with or without brake
Tick bullet point Special voltage
Tick bullet point Aigner fence
Tick bullet point Mortising unit

Casolin PF 530 Digit Specification

Width of tables 530 mm
Length of tables 2970 mm
Front table length 1770 mm
Rear table length 1160 mm
Planer shaft diameter 120 mm
Motor power 4 Kw
weight 820 Kg