Cehisa Pro 12 Edgebander

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Cehisa Pro 12 Edgebander Features

  • Pre-milling Station PF-12 - 2 HF Motors, the first of 1.8kW rotating CW and a second of 1.5kW rotating CCW with pneumatic pressure control on both motors, providing optimum finish
  • Feeding Station - A tray for the roll of edging material. Timer controlled automatic feed allowing the precise adjustment of the in-feed surplus and minimizing the waste of edging material
  • End Trimming Station V-8 - 2 independent HF motors (0.55kW / 12000 RPM) one performing the front and the other the rear trim cut. Smooth and precise movement of the carriage on linear bearings along hardened and ground cylindrical guideways. The saws can be tilted at an angle 0-10deg. angle for a better finish of the end trim cuts.
  • Top and Bottom Trimming Station BC-5 - Separate top and bottom units for trimming of the excess of edging material along the upper and the lower edges of the panel. High gloss tracers with SIKO digital readouts for easy and precise adjustment. 2 independent units, tiltable 0-20deg, powered by HF motors 0.75kW / 12000 RPM, equipped with milling cutter heads for trimmed solid wood edges up to 8mm. Roller type tracers for work with high gloss and 3D effect panels and edges.
  • Corner Rounding FD60 - Designed to round the 4 points of the panel edged with 2mm PVC/ABS band in order to achieve its complete finishing. Vertical tracer equipped with dual independent regulation to achieve the perfect machining of the panel. Not recommended for machining of deeper soft formed or post formed profiles. Powered by two HF motors of 0.27 kW, equipped with a vertical and a horizontal tracing devices. Minimum length of the panel when using the corner rounding: 200mm

Cehisa Pro 12 Edgebander Options

  • Automatic Positioning (2 pre-set pos)
  • Automatic Positioning (5 pre-set pos)
  • DIA Cutter heads H65 instead of H30 on pre-milling unit
  • Panel width reduced to 60mm
  • Pre-heating at entrance (hot air blowers)
  • Non stick agent spray station at entrance
  • Cleaning spray agent station at exit
  • Meter counter for edge material consumption
  • Nesting type vertical tracers
  • Cabin lights (LED type)
  • Automatic lubrication of the trawl chain
  • Overcurrent protection
  • Edge clamp
  • Infrared lamp

About the Cehisa Pro 12 Edgebander

Edgebanding first came into light in the 1960’s. Following the evolution from natural solid wood into man made panels, the manufactures needed to find a way of edging this new technology and so the edgebander was born. Cehisa was one of the first companies to start manufacturing edge banders, introducing their first edgebander in 1968. Cehisa are very strong in the market and up to date have sold 35000 machines in 65 countries worldwide.

The Pro series brings great quality at an amasing price. It has been designed to meet high expectations of busy workshops, with ease of use thanks to the 10″ touch screen control which gives the operator easy access to the running of the machine.

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Cehisa Pro 12 Edgebander Specification

EDGEBANDING CAPACITY - Melamine/PVC/ABS/veneer in rolls 0.4-3mm
Solid wood strips Up to 10mm (manual feed) / (optional automatic feed)
Max. Edgebanding height 65mm
PANEL - Height min-max 10-60mm
Length min-max 120 - unlimited
Width min-max 75 - unlimited / 60 - unlimited (optional)
MACHINE - Working speed 9/14 m/min
Total electrical output 12.9kW
Electrical connection 3 x 380V / 50Hz
Dimensions, installed (LxWxH) 5618x660x1485mm
Net weight 1496Kg

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