Cehisa Pro 12 (Stock Machine)

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Cehisa Pro 12 (Stock Machine) Specification

Pre Milling First motor 1.8KW Second motor 1.5KW Cutter height 65mm
Duo melt glue pot For use of PUR EVA
Pressure Rollers 3 rollers
End trimming station Automatic tilting at 2 pre set positions from the screen
Top and bottom trimming station With nesting tracers
Corner rounding 2 motors minimum panel lenght 200mm
Radius scraping With nesting shoes
Glue scrapers With air blowers
Sprayers Infeed cleaning, central panel lubrication, end cleaning

About the Cehisa Pro 12 (Stock Machine)

This machine is currently in stock and avialable for demonstration or quick delivery.

Edgebanding first came into light in the 1960’s. Following the evolution from natural solid wood into man made panels, the manufactures needed to find a way of edging this new technology and so the edgebander was born. Cehisa was one of the first companies to start manufacturing edge banders, introducing their first edgebander in 1968. Cehisa are very strong in the market and up to date have sold 35000 machines in 65 countries worldwide.

The Pro series brings great quality at an amazing price. It has been designed to meet high expectations of busy workshops, with ease of use thanks to the 10″ touch screen control which  gives the operator easy access  to the running of the machine.


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