EKO 902


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Machine Overview

Introducing the EKO 902

In a reduced space, NC machining centre model EKO 902 combines flexibility to high performances allowing the managing in real time of different panel types. In order to reach a high working productivity, the panel displacement occurs by means of a couple of mobile chucks on controlled axes, while the panel managing in vertical position, which is a distinguishing mark of this machine, allows working also on delicate surfaces. EKO 902 has a modular concept and it is able to execute all boring, routing and glue & dowel inserting operations. It is also possible to insert further hardware types. It is ideal for companies needing a simple and high-tech product for special or batch-one orders. Feel free to contact R&J Machinery for more information.

Product Features

  • 4,5 KW electrospindle with speed up to 18.000 rpm.
  • Min length 160mm, max length 3200mm.
  • Min height 20mm, max height 900mm
  • Min thickness 10mm, max thickness 80mm