Holzher Accura 1554 Edgebander

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Holzher Accura 1554 Edgebander Specification

Weight 2750Kgs
Feed rate 10 - 20 (25) m/min
Minimum workpiece length 140mm
Minimum workpiece width 60mm
Workpiece thickness 8 - 60mm
Edge width 0.4 - 8 (12)mm with tool change

Holzher Accura 1554 Edgebander Features

  • Edge Control 18.5" Touch screen color monitor with 16:9 format. High performance control with simply operation for rational machine set-up and change-over. 18.5" touch screen color monitor - standard feature. Graphic user interface, all information displayed in plain text and/or graphic form. Simple operation – rotating and swiveling control panel at eye height. Programs are simple to call with program names and numbers. Large program memory for all desired applications. Individual selection of units with the functions as basic setting possibilities for nominal values, path points and tool corrections. Service reports in clear text. Individual management for up to ten users with password protection and individual authorization. Network connectivity. Online maintenance, rapid exchange of data with HOLZ-HER service department. Barcode interface.
  • The optimized, automatic control for the extensive pressure adjustments with plausibility checks allows HOLZ-HER to realize automatic glue quantity control matched to the specific requirements. Moreover, an adaptive trimming blade automatically adapts the pressure of the trimming blade to the edge thickness. Finally, an adaptive pressure unit optimally adjusts the pressures of the individual pressure rollers to the specific application for perfect results every time. This reduces adjustment errors and reject quotas to a minimum. [1] Automatic glue quantity control [2] Adaptive trimming blade [3] Adaptive pressure unit
  • The edge feeders with SYNCHRO drive. With its synchronous adaptation to the feed rate, this feeder guarantees short intervals between workpieces and simultaneously optimizes edging protrusions. Shallow feed angle thanks to nozzle design – easy feeding of solid wood edging up to 20 mm.
  • Cut edgings often have small tears in the top layer. The jointing cutter unit ensures perfect glued surfaces and prepares the panels for the gluing process. Equipped with ProLock quick-change flange, diamond tipped cutters (dia. 70 mm).
  • Automatic replenishment The pressure cylinder presses the cartridge or granules against the heater elements. After reaching a certain position, the sensor sends a replenishment signal to the control. As long as glue is being applied to a workpiece, charging is delayed until the work is finished. The pressure cylinder retracts automatically, a new cartridge or fresh granulated material is gravity fed from the cartridge supply shaft into the heating chamber where it is again pressed against the heating elements. Purging hole for automatic cleaning system – e.g. cleaning out PUR glue. The Glu Jet automatic is attached to a set-up carriage alternating with the LTronic unit as a glue application system with automatic change-over. Change-over is accomplished within a maximum of two minutes by a high precision interface with HSK chuck and CNC technology.
  • More flexibility with double gluing station The Glu Jet glue application system is the most flexible glue application system on the market - our double gluing station offers even greater flexibility. This station can be attached to all machines in the ACCURA series. This allows realization of applications with a flexibility putting the machines right at the top of the market for high-tech edgebanders. For example, PUR and EVA glues are ready for use immediately within a heat-up time of only 3 minutes after pressing a button on the central machine control. While one gluing station is working, the other is automatically retracted and can be put back into operation as required at the touch of a button. The highly popular combination of neutral and colored glue is also possible. Finally, special nozzles for use on thick solid wood edges can be combined with thin film nozzles for a zero joint appearance. These are also ready for use at the touch of a button after a heat-up time of only 3 minutes.
  • Motor-driven pressure unit - Synchronously driven pressure unit with automatic adaptation to feed rate and NC servo-axes for motor-driven adjustment to correct edge thickness. Straight and tapered pressure rollers for perfectly glued joints.
  • Trimming Unit - Most powerful trimming unit in its class – edge cross-section 20 x 65 mm. With hardened linear guides for high precision trimming results up to edge thickness of 20 mm.
  • Cutter Unit - Heavy-duty floor-mounted unit with shock-absorbing bearing and large sensing rollers for perfect results even at high feed rates. 100% repetition accuracy at the touch of a button based on zero-clearance mechanisms and six high precision NC servo-axes. Horizontal sensing with angular sensing rollers with chemically applied nickel plating developed especially for processing modern, high gloss edging
  • Copy cutter unit with four NC servo-axes as standard feature - For cutting top and bottom longitudinal edges, copy cutting on vertical edges at front and rear ends, corner rounding and postformed corners. - Work height up to 60 mm workpiece thickness. Unit adjustments on linear guides with central lubrication. With standard blast nozzles in front of sensing rollers to blow away chips in front of sensing areas. Including shelf program for optimum processing of shelves with rounded edges. Automatic pendulum sensor copies rear without material protrusion and leaves the optimum edge protrusion for the longitudinal edge for subsequent machining with the radius scraper.
  • Scraper Unit - 100% repetition accuracy at the touch of a button based on zero-clearance mechanisms and six high precision, fully digital NC servo-axes. Including high gloss package for exact adjustment of tool depth when using high gloss panels with protective foil as well as sensing rollers with chemical nickel plating.
  • Flat scrapper - Clean post-processing of surfaces. Application-controlled with two reversible blades, manual post-processing not required. Standard setup
  • Front/rear spraying units - Spraying units for parting agents and cleaning agents for feed and discharge area. Anti-static, coolant and lubricant – electronically controlled by special nozzles – for a perfect edge finishing.
  • Buffing unit - Polishing for maximum gloss; for complete finishing. Standard setup.

Holzher Accura 1554 Edgebander Options

  • Maximum flexibility with 6-fold edging feed The automatic 6-fold edge feeder offers the advantage of flexibility to users with continuously changing edging material as well as those using the same edging continuously. The automatic chute change feature ensures that edging is always available, eliminating valuable setup times. Including seventh auxiliary chute for feeding in cut-length edging as well as 6-fold edging carriage with arresting universal rollers
  • High melting capacity for even higher feed rates and thicker panels. With the Glu Jet XL, you can process 2 kg PUR glue cartridges, which are significantly more economical than conventional PUR granules or the smaller 300 g PUR glue cartridges. This investment amortizes itself quickly for companies using more than approx. 500 kg of PUR glue per year, i.e. customers with an average glue consumption of approx. 2 kg per day. This corresponds to a processing quantity of approximately 400 - 500 running meters per day. The savings for glue costs alone already amortize the machine during the second year. As accustomed from the Glu Jet, the heat-up time is unbeatably short - now only 3 minutes for the Glu Jet XL. Naturally, the station can also be used for processing glue granules making it extremely flexible for HOLZ-HER customers and offering every user major competitive advantages. The Glu Jet XL can be attached either alone or as double gluing station
  • Cutter Unit - In multifunction package with multistage tool
  • Copy cutter unit with four NC servo-axes as standard feature - In multifunction package with revolving tool magazine
  • Scraper unit - In multifunction package with revolving tool magazine

About the Holzher Accura 1554 Edgebander

More power, even more stability as well as a machine design which sets accents – the ACCURA 1554 from HOLZ-HER redefines edgebanding. Requiring only 6.5 meters of floor space, the ACCURA 1554 offers professional complete processing with all required machining units.

The new ACCURA series was developed by HOLZ-HER for high quality artisans and industrial parts producers. This modular system provides flexible adaptation to customer requirements and future furniture trends.

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