Holzher Cut 1260 Vertical Panel Saw

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Machine Overview

Introducing the Holzher Cut 1260 Vertical Panel Saw

This vertical panel saw allows one-man operation from panel storage to finished, precisely cut section."

The wall saw CUT 1260 is the fully automatic panel saw from HOLZ-HER. It is distinguished by its automatic mode, allowing it to manage large cutting quantities in minimum time. After positioning the panel, it is only necessary to press a button to start the machine process.

The range of applications for HOLZ-HER circular panel saws can be extended as required with genuine HOLZ-HER accessories. For example with the HOLZ-HER patented Super Cut prescoring system. This system operates with two scoring blades to score laminated panels ensuring tear-free edge quality right down to one tenth of a millimeter.

For further information on the Holzher Cut 1260, please contact the R&J Machinery sales team on 01455 840224

Product Features

  • Length stop on linear guide Manual or digital (option) dimension display for adjusting the length for the vertical cut. ■ Adjustment for offsetting the larger lengths +1 m possible ■ Easy and exact adjustability of the desired dimension ■ Easily folded away if not needed
  • Optimized hinged support rail The average work support can be folded quickly and is fitted at an optimal height for ergonomic work
  • Control panel The modern, transparent control panel at eye level guarantees ergonomically perfect and easy use
  • Automatic version ■ Automatic plunge start, cutthrough and retraction ■ Return to starting point ■ Significantly facilitates cutting panels ■ Selection switch for return and shortened cutting cycle ■ Infinitely adjustable feed rate from 6 – 24 m/min
  • Moving grid The automatically evasive moving grid on the machine prevents the cutting of the rails in the horizontal section. ■ NEW: Optionally pneumatically movable
  • Processing composite materials CUT 1260 are available in a version for processing composite materials such as Alucobond.
  • Lower stainless steel workpiece support The continuous lower workpiece support of wear-free stainless steel extends as far as the cutting line. Vertical narrow parts cannot tip over or fall through.
  • Design The high-quality design emphasizes the top position of the CUT 1260 with the vertical panel saws and enables ergonomic work.

Product Specification

Working Dimension - Cutting Depth (mm) 60
Working Dimension - Cutting Length (mm) 3300 / 4300 / 5300
Working Dimension - Cutting Height (mm) 1900 (trimming height 1810) - 2100 (trimming height 2060) - 2200 (trimming height 2110)
Drive - Feed rate infinitely adjustable (m/min) 6-24
Motor Capacity (kW) 4
Saw blade ø (mm) 250
Saw blade speed (min-1 ) at 50 Hz 5450
Optional 2-speed saw motor (min-1 ) at 3 kW | 2,2 kW 2700 / 5400
Optional variable speed (min-1 ) 1100 - 5500
Suction - Air requirement (m3/h) 1400
Air speed (m/sec) 20
Connection ø unit (mm) 120
Connection ø frame end (TRK design) (mm) 100
Static negative pressure (Pa) 1100
Weight, depending on length (kgs) 900 - 1200