Holzher Pro-Master 7017 Classic CNC Machine

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Holzher Pro-Master 7017 Classic CNC Machine Specification

Machining Dimensions In X = 3540mm, in Y = 1287mm (minus cutter radius)
Cutter Unit 6.5kW, Ceramic bearings, 1000 - 18000 rpm
Vector Speed 100 m/min
Protection Equipment Light grid (1-field machining)
Workpiece Support 6 Consoles incl. 8 stops, laser pointer
Drilling Head 14 Spindles (10V/4 H), incl. sawing unit for grooving in X-direction
Workpiece Clamping 100m³/h low maintenance, dry running type vacuum pump
Tool Changer 12 Position pick up tool changer with tool cover
Software Campus software package incl. ACADemy CAD/CAM module with machine and office license and CabinetControl Base

Holzher Pro-Master 7017 Classic CNC Machine Features

  • High equipment level with six consoles, drilling head with grooving saw, positioning laser and tool changer as standard features
  • Edge routing and drilling up to max. 3,540 x 1,287 mm as well as 5,340 x 1,287 mm on the 500K version (minus radius of cutter). Actual machining height 180 mm
  • User-friendly software as complete package with CAMPUS machine and office license.
  • Spindles with ceramic bearings for efficient and precise milling and formatting.
  • Precision direct drives with exceptionally high dynamic acceleration values for extremely high productivity
  • Tool Changer 12-position traveling disk tool changer for effective pendular processing as standard equipment on the PRO-MASTER 7017 performance. Options include an 18-position disk tool changer or a 12-position pick-up tool changer for highly varying tools.
  • Machining Head Powerful spindle with ceramic bearings and drilling head with integrated grooving saw, and integrated torque support for changeover units on 7017 (C-axis optional).
  • Linear Guides High precision ground linear guides with steel strip cover on all moving axes. Extremely long service life and smooth operation, backed up by HOLZ-HER's 10 year guarantee
  • Universal Clamping Systems A variety of suction cups and frame clamps available for processing panels and solid wood as well as an actual working height of 180 mm ensure an enormous range of application for HOLZ-HER's 70 series
  • Lock Case Cutter A powerful 5.6 kW motor on the optional horizontal cutter unit makes the PRO-MASTER 7018 the absolute machine for professional door production. HOLZ-HER also offers a wide matching selection of reliable, high performance changeover units for all types of applications
  • Variable Safety Concepts Depending on your operating situation you can choose freely between light grids and 3-field foot mats or safety bumpers for highly efficient pendular processing.

Holzher Pro-Master 7017 Classic CNC Machine Options

  • 11 kW air or liquid cooled, 1000 - 24000 rpm
  • Safety Bumper
  • 4 charging aids
  • 24 spindles (18v / 6h)
  • 140m³/h vacuum pump
  • 250m³/h vacuum pump
  • 12 position travelling disk tool changer

About the Holzher Pro-Master 7017 Classic CNC Machine

The CNC machine PRO-MASTER 7017 classic was equipped as a true formatting and drilling center, but, of course, also serves as a fully-fledged machining center.

The basic equipment for this model includes 6 consoles and a 12-position pick-up tool changer with tool cover. The vacuum suction unit is equipped with a laser pointer as a standard feature for quick positioning and reliable processing.

Naturally, this model is equipped with a high performance drilling head. Thanks to the integrated sawing unit, this can also be used for grooving. The PRO-MASTER 7017 classic is rounded out by a comprehensive line of optional features such as the full interpolating C axis.

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