Holzmann DBM 21N Single Row Multi Boring Machine


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Machine Overview

Introducing the Holzmann DBM 21N Single Row Multi Boring Machine

For more information on the Holzmann DBM21N, please contact R&J Machinery on 01455 840224

Product Features

  • Used for edge and frame connections, cupboard fittings etc
  • Boring unit pneumatical tiltable 0°- 45°- 90°
  • 2 pneumatical fixing elements
  • Foot pedal to clamp – drill - release
  • Spindles: 21, distance of spindles: 32mm
  • Distance of spindles: 640mm
  • Pneumatic pressure: 6bar (0,6MPa), up to 8 bar (0,8MPa)
  • With 3m back fence

Product Specification

Pieces of drill spindles 21
Drill spindle distance 32mm
Distance between 1st and last spindle 640mm
Max. drill depth 50mm
Max. workpiece height 80mm
Drill spindle speed 2840 rpm
Table dimensions 870mm x 550mm
Motor power S1 (100%) / S6 1.5 kW / 2.1 kW
Voltage 400V
Required compressed air supply 6-8 bar
Net weight ca. 342Kg
Gross weight 350Kg
Packaging dimension 1300mm x 1400mm x 1100mm