Holzmann K5-410VFP-2544 XL Combined 5 Operation Machine

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Machine Overview

Introducing the Holzmann K5-410VFP-2544 XL Combined 5 Operation Machine

The Holzmann K5 410VFP-2544 comes with exchangeable spindle MT4, scoring unit with seperate motor, 3 stronger motors, planer knives installed, rip and mitre fence, trim shoe and integrated fence.

Product Features

  • Heavy duty industrial machine with grounded cast iron tables
  • Scoring unit powered by a separate motor
  • Max. chip removal/surface planer 5mm, thickness, operation 4mm, planer fence 1100x155mm
  • High quality, hardened precision steel bar guided sliding aluminium table (width 350mm)
  • Both hand wheels for saw blade height and tilting handy located at the front of the machine
  • Compact control panel convenient located in the front
  • Stable sliding table extension with angle adjustable ruler and two end stops (3500mm)
  • Extra large cutting capacity right of saw blade (1100mm)
  • Parallel fence with fine adjustment function
  • Precision bedded cutterblock allows perfect planning results
  • Solid and stepless tilting aluminium fence (45° - 90°)
  • Very powerful chain drive of feeding unit
  • 6 different spindle shaper speeds with exchangeable spindle MT4 (optional 25-50mm)
  • Machine can be divided between planer and circular saw - spindle shaper
  • Special spindle shaper hood with integrated fence, dust collector plug diameter: 120mm

Product Options

  • Saw blades
  • Scoring unit saw blade
  • Dust collector
  • High quality collector tube 100mm/4m
  • Mortising drill set
  • Easy glide paste
  • Easy glide spray
  • Easy glide lubricant
  • Spare knives
  • Spare knives
  • Digital angle gauge
  • Roll stand
  • Ball stand
  • Combined ball stand and roller stand
  • Mortising unit

Product Specification

CIRCULAR SAW: Engine power S1 (100%) / S64,0kW / 5,6 kW
Max. saw blade diameter315mm
Rotation speed main blade4000 rpm
Max. cutting height 90° / 45°103mm/72 mm
Scoring unit saw blade Ø120mm
Rotation speed scoring blade8000rpm
Engine power scoring unit S1 (100%) / S60,75kW / 1,1kW
Max. cutting width at parallel fence500/1000mm
Parallel fence length1100mm
Sliding table2300mm x 350mm
Max. cutting length2200mm
Length sliding table2544mm
Mitre fence length1940mm - 3480mm
Dust collector plug120mm
SPINDLE SHAPER: Engine power S1 (100%) / S65.5 kW / 7,7 kW
Spindle diameter30mm
Spindle speed (6 steps)3000 / 4000 / 5000 / 6000 / 8000 / 10 000 rpm
Spindle travel175mm
Max. tool diameter profile cutter/spring mill250mm
Ø table opening270mm
Max. tool diameter below table250mm
Max. tool diameter above table255mm
Mitre fence length (left / right)345mm x 155mm
PLANER: Engine power S1 (100%) / S64,0 kW/5,4kW
Rotation speed4500rpm
Shaft diameter100mm
Pieces of knives4
Knife dimension410mm x 35mm x 3mm / HSS
Sliding table length1800mm
Effective planning width410mm
Max. cutting depth5mm
Planning fence (90°-45° tiltable)1100mm x 150mm
THICKNESSER: Thicknessing table length700mm
Engine power S1 (100%) / S64,0kW/5,6kW
Thicknessing width406mm
Max. work piece height225mm
Max. cutting depth4mm
Feeding speed8m / min
Table travel160mm
Mortising chuckWestcott 0-16mm
Max. mortising depth200mm
Max. mortising width255mm
GENERAL: Table height850mm
Dust collector plug shaping hood120mm
Dust collector plug120mm
Net weight ca.1210Kg
Gross weight1280Kg
Packaging dimensions1160mm x 2300mm x 2040mm
Packaging dimensions325mm x 3290mm x 450mm