Holzmann KF 315VF-2600 Circular Saw and Spindle Shaper Combination

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Machine Overview

Introducing the Holzmann KF 315VF-2600 Circular Saw and Spindle Shaper Combination

The Holzmann KF 315VF-2600 impresses with its cleanest workmanship of highest value. This circular saw - spindle shaper combination manages cutting of plates with very big dimensions. It has included in the delivery: scoring unit, 1pcs T.C.T. saw blade Ø315mm 40 teeth, 1pcs T.C.T. scoring blade Ø100mm 24 teeth, rip fence, mitre fence, mitre gauge, parallel fence and telescopic fence.

Product Features

  • Backside extension table and rip fence guide bar can be clamped down fast and with ease
  • Solid and smoothly running rip fence with quick fastening clamp
  • Tiltable and height adjustable circular saw blade with scoring unit
  • Cast iron table with table extension in the back and left with support leg
  • Extractable mitre fence with workpiece end stop
  • Support roller on the outrigger table eases the work piece allocation
  • XL cutting width at the rip fence with max. 1330mm
  • Equipped with 2-piece scoring blade as standard
  • High quality shaper hood with roller guides, protective plate and fine adjustable aluminium fences
  • 4 spindle shaper speeds covering very large speed range (1800-9000rpm)
  • Electronical speed indication via LED’s
  • Max. tool diameter 200mm, handy and removable spindle adjustment wheel
  • Comes with sanding roller as standard, enabling sanding operation at 1800prm

Product Options

  • Saw blades
  • Angle gauge
  • Dust collector
  • High quality collector tube 100mm/10m
  • Moving device
  • Roll stand
  • Ball stand
  • Combined ball and roller stand

Product Specification

CIRCULAR SAW: Max. saw blade dimension315mm
Rotation speed4500 U/min
Max. cutting height 90° / 45°100mm /80mm
Scoring saw blade Ø100mm
Rotation speed scoring blade8500 rpm
Max. trimming length (with scoring unit)2700mm
Max. cutting width at parallel fence1330mm
Table height850mm
Table dimensions860mm x 890mm
Table enlargement800mm x 440mm
Table enlargement500mm x 450mm
Sliding table2600mm x 270mm
Sliding table extension750mm x 590mm
Mitre fence retracted/extracted1230mm-2270mm
SPINDLE SHAPER: Spindle diameter30mm
Rotation speed1800 / 3000 / 6000 / 9000 rpm
Spindle travel100mm
Max. workpiece height100mm
Table opening190mm
Max. tool diameter below table180mm
Max. tool diameter above table200mm
Mitre fence (left / right)360mm x 120mm
GENERAL: Dust collector plug shaper hood / below table100mm / 100mm
Engine power circular saw S1 (100%) / S63,8 kW / 5,1 kW
Engine power spindle shaper S1 (100%) / S62,8 kW / 4,0 kW
Voltage230V or 400V
Net weight ca.480Kg
Gross weight500Kg
Packaging dimensions1220mm x 825mm x 1035mm
Packaging dimensions2680mm x 320mm x 200mm
Packaging dimensions540mm x 480mm x 320mm