Holzmann VD 1100N Copy Wood Lathe

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Holzmann VD 1100N Copy Wood Lathe Specification

Distance between centers 1100mm
Center height above machine bed 185mm
Center height above tool rest support 143mm
Center height at copying 160mm
Spindle bore 12mm
Spindle speeds (1-step variable) 500-2000rpm
Head stock, norm spindle M33 DIN800
Tail Stock - morse taper MK2/MT2
Tail Stock - tail spindle travel 60mm
Motor power S1 (100%) / S6 1,1kW / 1,5kW
Machine bed height 900mm
Voltage 230V or 400V
Net weight 105Kg
Gross weight 115Kg
Packaging dimensions 1620mm x 340mm x 430mm
Packaging dimensions 820mm x 370mm x 290mm
Packaging dimensions 1220mm x 260mm x 180mm

Holzmann VD 1100N Copy Wood Lathe Features

  • Grey cast iron machine bed, stand, tail stock and head stock
  • Head stock can be turned
  • Copying device options: from master work piece or pattern
  • Max. copying length 1000mm
  • Tail stock 90° pivotable for big turning diameters
  • MT2 tail stock
  • Quick adjustment for tail stock and head stock
  • Large face plate

Holzmann VD 1100N Copy Wood Lathe Options

  • Stand for dust collection
  • Steady rest for VD1100N
  • 4-jaw chuck
  • Chuck set
  • HSS quality chisel set 6pcs
  • Life center

About the Holzmann VD 1100N Copy Wood Lathe

The Holzmann VD1100N Copy Wood Lathe has a heavy grey cast iron machine bed which enables a vibration free operation and high stability. It comes equipped with stand, 4-side grab chuck, ball bearing life centre, faceplate, several tools, copy attachment and tool rest.