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Houfek Bulldog 3

Houfek Buldog 3 Wide Belt Sander 950mm

Houfek Buldog 3 Wide Belt Sander 950mm. The Houfek Buldog 3 Wide Belt Sander 950mm contains a combination head with a 90sh roller and stiff pad. Long sanding belts of 1900mm ensure cool sanding and a long life. Electronic tracking of the belt machine require a minimum use of air (only for belt tensioning). The 90sh roller allows for better quality calibrating sanding compared to a steel roller. This is an option, if requested. The wide belt sander is a good quaity and sturdy used machine. It is easy to use and provides perfect results.

Standard features on both versions.- Sanding belt length 1900mm- Motorised table height adjustment- Automatic star delta switch.- Ameter for main motor.- Infra-red sensor control of sanding belt oscillation.- Workpiece thickness measuring positioner- Electronic display of table height position.- Mechanically adjusted sanding pad- Two speed feed mat speed 4.5 / 9m/min.- Rubbered pressure rollers.- Electromagnetic main motor braking- CE certification