Italpresse Double Effect Hydraulic Frame Press Mod.SDE


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Machine Overview

Introducing the Italpresse Double Effect Hydraulic Frame Press Mod.SDE

The Italpresse double effect hydraulic frame press mod. SDE is available in a range of different specifications, for further information please contact R&J Machinery on 01455 840224.

Product Features

  • Spring balanced cylinder positioning
  • Three moving vertical beams with one top cylinder and one adjustable bottom stop each
  • One vertical sliding beam with two adjustable horizontal cylinders
  • One fixed vertical beam with two horizontal mechanical stops
  • Hydraulic unit power Kw. 1,5
  • Lever controlled valves for cylinder activation

Product Options

  • HYDRAULIC LOCK for the horizontal cylinder beam
  • ONE ADDITIONAL SLIDING VERTICAL BEAM complete with one vertical cylinder and one adjustable mechanical stop

Product Specification

Internal dimensions 3000mm x 1700mm
Min useful dimensions 250 x 340h
Motor power 1.5Kw
Cylinders type D.E
Max horizontal thrust 880Kg
Max vertical thrust 2350Kg