KUPER FSH Veneer saw

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Veneer saw with optional planing unit and parallel fence.

The veneer saw KUPER FSH is the first choice for highly precise parallel veneer cutting of any veneer thickness. The saw carriage is guided by a precise linear guide. The operator initiates the feed manually, ensuring that a precise cutting result can be achieved for any veneer quality.

An optional planing unit can be used to further improve the quality of the cut. The pressure bar is held down pneumatically on two sides, making it possible to position even wavy veneer packages with great precision. The optionally available parallel fence is equipped with a magnetic measuring system. The parallel measurement is set and indicated on a display.

Planing unit

The planing unit is suspended on the saw carriage. A selector switch is used to activate the planing function. After the veneer has been cut by the saw blade, up-cut milling is executed during the retraction movement to the initial position. As for the saw cut, the operator manually triggers the feed.

Parallel fence with scale

For precise positioning and adjustment of the parallel measurement, the KUPER veneer saw can be equipped with a rear parallel fence. The fence is guided in a linear manner and can be locked in place pneumatically. Due to the fence points integrated in the support table, even thin veneers can be positioned without difficulty.


Technical data
Cutting length 3120 / 3520 / 4200 mm
Sawing motor 1.8 kW
Speed of the saw blade 8700 rpm.
Saw blade diameter 180 x 16 mm
Planing motor* 1.2 kW (frequency controlled)
Milling head* HM Ø 85 mm, equipped with 4 reversible blades
Parallel fence* 25 – 600 mm (optional extension to 20 – 1100 mm)
* optional