Maggi Boring System 35

Boring system 35 single-head boring machine for horizontal and vertical drilling.

Pneumatic head-rotation from 0° to 90° with lock and stop reference in any intermediate position.

Spyral system, programming and boring depth adjustment.

Safety clamps allows a prompt setting on panels without any adjustments.

Quick and precise setting-up.

High-quality end products.

Safety devices.

Maggi Boring System 35 Features

Tick bullet point Quick change chunks
Tick bullet point Aluminium made boring head
Tick bullet point MDF and cast iron made working table
Tick bullet point Patented spiral system - device for quick boring depth adjustment
Tick bullet point Pneumatic head rotation with lock and stop reference from 0 to 90 degree at any angle
Tick bullet point Adjustable fences on the table with digital counter for decimal shifting adjustment
Tick bullet point Digital counter for regulation of drills height from the table
Tick bullet point Rear fence max. stroke 300 mm
Tick bullet point Fixed stop at 37 mm for hinges
Tick bullet point Machine manufactured according to EC Standards

Maggi Boring System 35 Specification

N° spindles (17 left red/18 right black) 35
Distance Between Each Splindel 32 mm
Distance Between First and Last Splindel 1088 mm
Max. Drilling Depth 85 mm
Inside diameter of quick change bush 10 mm
Max dimensions of working piece 1340 x 3000 mm
Height of working table 850 mm
Dimensions of working table 1330 x 410 mm
N° clamps 4
N° motors 2
Motor Power 2(1.5) HP (KW)
Noise level (max allowed 90 DB) 76.1 dB
Working air pressure 6-7 bar
Standard air pressure consumption 15 L/ciclo
Motor Speed 2800 rpm
Weight 450 Kg