Maggi Evolution 1000 Router, Through-Feed CNC Centre

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About the Maggi Evolution 1000 Router - 800mm & 1200mm VERSIONS AVAILABLE ALSO

The Maggi Evolution 1000 Router through-feed CNC machine for drilling, grooving and routing, ideal for panel processing companies with limited space due to its compact size, without compromise in the quality of work production. This machine will allow you to machine up to five sides in one working cycle with very little setup time. The machine is designed to take panels up to 1000mm in width and can handle a max. weight capacity of up to 70kg per loading.The X and Y axes are driven on ball screw drives with automatic lubrication ensuring long-life and absolute precision. The CNC software is user friendly and controlled by an easy to use interface at the front of the machine.

Maggi Evolution 1000 Router Features

  • Zero-time setup and greatest flexibility More spindles means having an all-purpose tool-warehouse always available.
  • Extremely accurate performance ensured by mechanical operations on high precision prismatic rolling guides and ball screw drives with automatic lubrication.
  • High-end compressor press, holds the work firmly in place while machining of the work.
  • Compact footprint the through-feed concept allows to process panels of any length even in small spaces.
  • Easy loading of big-size-panels the horizontal structure of this machine allows to apply loaders and rolling tables making the loading easy enough for one single operator to carry.
  • Residues have no influence on the working process accuracy as boring and cutting are operated from underneath, while possible damages on working panels are minimized thanks to air-floatation tables.
  • Extreme reliable and easy-to-use software interfacing with any CAD CAM program installed on more than 30.000 machines and developed by TPA a leading Italian company in the field.
  • Independent electrospindle routing unit capable of speeds of 3000 to 24000 Rpm.
  • 3 year manufacturers warranty

Maggi Evolution 1000 Router Options

  • 3D cabinet, software designed by TBA.
  • Cad/cam Office: Additional licence for working and designing drawings away from the machine from a remote computer.
  • Bar-code reader
  • Delivery
  • Commissioning

Maggi Evolution 1000 Router, Through-Feed CNC Centre Specification

Max. dimensions of the work piece 10.000 x 1000 x 60 mm
Min. dimensions of the work piece 300 x 75 x 8 mm
Interaxis between spindles 32 mm
Diameter max boring 35 mm
N° controlled axes 3 (X,Y,-Z)
Max boring depth 60 mm
N° controlled axes x 42 m/min
N° controlled axes y 42 m/min
N° controlled axes -z 10 m/min
Router spindle-rotation speed / power / collet type 1000-24000 Rpm /. 3.3Kw / ER25
Grooving Blade 120 x 4 mm
Total Power 6.5 Kw
Working air pressure 6-8 bar
Height of the working table 950 mm
Overall dimensions 2322 x 1432 x 1375 mm
Weight 1450 kg