Maggi Steff 2038 CI

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Machine Overview

Introducing the Maggi Steff 2038 CI

The Maggi STEFF brand has always been the dominant name in power feeders for the woodworking industry.  Known for high quality and reliability, feeders are the professional’s choice for woodworking applications.  Automatic Power Feeders allow even an unskilled operator to work safely since the need for hands and fingers to be near the cutting tool is virtually eliminated.  Furthermore, as the rollers/belts hold the stock in place, kickback possibilities are practically eliminated.  Also, the finish cut of your product is uniform and free of defects associated with uneven stop/start feeding of your product.

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Product Features

  • 3 rollers - 8 steady speeds back and forward motion. 2 speeds are obtained by changing the position of the gears inside the housing, while other 2 speeds result from the switching of the bipolar engine (1400-2800 rpm). Thanks to a gear shift the user can choose among a double range of speeds and easily select the most suitable one.
  • 3 rubber belts for more efficacious feeding, this machine is also suitable for small work pieces
  • Motor power enables any kind of feeding
  • Resistant and protective electrostatic powder paint
  • Interchangeable gears have been sintered, carbonitried and tempered
  • Case hardened and rectified endless screw of the motor shaft enables perfect matching of the bronze aluminium crown wheel (BR/AL UNI 5275) with reducer unit
  • The kind of oil used for the reducer (Mellana 150 IP or similar) ensures unlimited lubrication

Technical Details

Motor Power 0.7/1 HP 0.52/0.75 kW
Working speed (m-min) 2-4-5.5-6.5-11-13-16.5-33 (50Hz)
Pulley Number 3
Traction Belt Number 3
Belt Dimensions 17x21x830 mm
Belt excursion 20 mm
Net Weight 60 Kg
Gross Weight 63 Kg

Product Specification

Motor Power0.7/1 HP 0.52/0.75 kW
Working speed (m-min)2-4-5.5-6.5-11-13-16.5-33 (50Hz)
Pulley Number3
Traction Belt Number3
Belt Dimensions17x21x830 mm
Belt excursion20 mm
Net Weight60 Kg
Gross Weight63 Kg