Robland HXTZ Combined Machine Saw - Spindle

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Machine Overview

Introducing the Robland HXTZ Combined Machine Saw - Spindle

The HX-TZ is the perfect machine for companies struggling for space but in need of a good quality panel saw and spindle moulder with integrated sliding table. The two machines have been built so they can be easily swapped between minimising set up time. The cast iron spindle hood is strong and robust but easily removable, once out of the way the spindle can drop below the table and the rings can be filled in stopping any waste from the saw falling into the spindle arbour.  The saw guard can be removed quickly and the blade dropped below the table immediately allowing the operator to start preparing the spindle moulder. 

Product Features

  • Motors 2 x 4hp / 3 x 380v (S6)
  • Spindle diameter 30mm
  • Spindle shaft 3000/6000 rpm, single phase 6000 rpm
  • Capacity spindle shaft 120mm
  • Diameter saw blade 250mm
  • Max cutting depth 85mm at 90°
  • Dimensions cast iron table 1077mm x 273mm
  • Anodized sliding table 1450mm x 320mm
  • Cutting length 1200mm
  • Mitre fence with excentric clamp
  • Cutting width parallel fence 600mm

Product Options

  • Machine in single phase
  • Cast iron table extension and support for feeder
  • Wheel set
  • Handwheel with integrated analogue read out height spindle moulder
  • Cast iron tenoning table with fence, wood clamp
  • Tenoning safety hood
  • Extra support table for sliding table
  • Ring guard fence Robland

Product Specification

Weight 340Kg
Tension 230V / 400V - 3 Phase
Saw - R.P.M 4500
Diameter saw blade and bore 250mm x 30mm
Cutting depth at 90° 85mm
Cutting depth at 45° 55mm
Dimensions cast iron table 1077mm x 273mm
Length sliding table 1250mm
Cutting length 1400mm
Width sliding table 320mm
Cutting width parallel fence 600mm
Motor power 3 PS/hp
Spindle - R.p.m. machine 400 V 3000/6000
R.p.m. machine 230 V (single phase) 6000
Diameter spindle arbor 30mm (option 50mm)
Capacity spindle arbor 120mm
Travel 140mm
Dimensions table opening 180mm
Motor power 3 PS/hp
Dust suction outlets 100mm