Robland NLX 410

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Machine Overview

Introducing the Robland NLX 410

The Robland NLX is a heavy duty industrial combination machine, ideal for workshops that do not have the luxary of space but require everything a heavy duty range of machines have to offer.

 With a large Capacity Spindle shaft off 120 mm the posibilitys if differant tools are endless.

 A main saw blade diameter off 300 mm + scoring unit means the sawing capabilitys are comparable with most heavy duty panel saws on the market

With A max cutting depth at 90° of 100 mm and 45 ° 70 mm the NLX can be used as a convention rip saw for small joinery work.

Product Features

  • Mitre fence with excentric clamp.
  • Outrigger table on telescopic arm and telescopic fence and two flipper stops.
  • Cast iron table extension and support for feeder.

Product Specification

Weight (net)850kg
Tension230 V Mono / 400 V Drehstrom - 3phase
Motor power6 PS/hp (S6)
Diameter saw blade and bore300 x 30mm
Cutting depth at 90° / 45°100 mm / 70 mm
Dimensions cast iron table1150 x 350 mm
Cutting length2500 mm (option 3100 mm)
Cutting width parallel fence900mm
Diameter saw blade and bore100 x 20mm
Motor power0.75 PS/hp (S6)
RPM2900 / 4000 / 6000 / 7500
Diameter spindle arbor30 mm (option 50 mm)
Capacity spindle arbor120mm
Dimensions table opening180mm
Total length planer tables410 x 1800 mm
Dimensions thicknesser table430 x 310 / 410 mm
Capacity thicknesser230mm
Diameter cutter block70mm
Dimensions knives310 / 410 x 25 x 3 mm
Feeding speed6m/min
Max depth of cut4mm
Chuck0 - 16mm
Travel165 x 140 x 85 mm
Dimensions morticer table200 x 425 mm