Robland NX 310 PRO

Machine Overview

Introducing the Robland NX 310 PRO

The NX 310 PRO is a combination machine with 5 operations: saw, spindle, planer, thicknesser and optional mortiser.

With 3x 5hp motors each different operation is never short of extra power.

A standard spindle size of 30mm and a capacity of 120mm the spindle molder will take a wide rande of industrial style tooling, and with a spindle shaft speed variation of 2900/4000/6000/7500rpm the spindle becomes a incredibly versatile tool.

You can choose from a saw with a maximum Diameter blade of 250 mm with scoring unit or diameter 315 mm without. 

If more information is required please call us on 01455 840224 or view the product spec below.

Product Features

  • The 3-knives Tersa cutter block offers you all the confort and precision when changing the knives.
  • Standard spindle diameter is 30 mm, the working length is 120 mm. The up-and down stroke is 140 mm. (4 speeds)
  • cast iron power feed “fold away” support table.
  • The thicknesser height adjustment handwheel with in- tegrated mechanical read-out offers even more comfort and precision.
  • Setting the height of the thicknessing table is easy and simple, the travel up/down is 230 mm.
  • In both directions 2 x 45° mitre cross-cut fence are standard features on the machine.
  • Safety hood for tenoning with diameter capacity 260mm.
  • Scoring unit for the 250 mm version.

Product Specification

Motor Power 5 PS/hp (S6)
Weight (net) 55kg
Tension 230 V Mono / 400 V Drehstrom - 3phase
Versions 250mm with scoring unit. 315mm without scoring unit.
RPM 4500
Diameter saw blade and bore 250 x 30mm / 315 x 30mm
Diameter scoring saw blade and bore 100 x 20mm
Cutting Depth at 90 degree 85mm (250mm) / 107mm (315mm)
Cutting depth at 45 degree 55mm (250mm) / 65mm (315mm)
Dimensions cast iron table 1080 x 410mm
Length sliding table 1450 x 320 mm (option 2050 mm)
Cutting length 1600 mm (option 2500 mm)
Cutting width parallel fence 800mm
RPM 2900 / 4000 / 6000 / 7500
Diameter spindle arbour 30 mm (option 50 mm)
Capacity spindle arbor 120mm
Travel 140mm
Dimensions table opening 180 mm
Total length planer tables 1400mm
Capacity thicknesser 230mm
Diameter cutter block 70mm
Knives 3
Dimension knives 310 x 25 x 3 mm
Feeding speed 6 m/min
RPM 5500
MORTICER (Option) .
Chuck 0 -16 mm
Travel 165 x 140 x 85 mm