Robland POLY AIR MD 40

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Robland POLY AIR MD 40 Specification

Capacity 1100m3/h
Pressure 1450pa
Power capacity 1.5KW 400 Volt (option single phase 230v0
Suction opening 120mm
filter surface area 6.2 M2
Filter cleaning Manual
Collection volume 180 L
Noise level 69 db (A)
Dimensions LxDxH 825x1220x2110mm

Robland POLY AIR MD 40 Features

  • Low-noise emission levels
  • A large filtration surface resulting in longer up-time
  • Ultra-fast-start-up, ideal for automatic switching in unison with other machinery
  • Variable power consumption depending on the number of open shutters, without the need for a frequency regulator, thus saving without any additional cost.
  • Effective filter cleaning (no compressed air connection required)

About the Robland POLY AIR MD 40

The MD-90 belongs to a new generation of extraction systems for woodworking machinery-The MD series.

We are setting a new standard in wood dust extraction systems with the introduction of our new MD-series.

The standard MD-90 model allows waste to be collected in mobile bins that contain plastic bags. A single pull of the handle suffices to unlock the bins and roll them out so the plastic bags can be changed easily and conveniently.

With a capacity of 3450m3/h the MD-90 can be connected to multiple machines for simultaneous extraction.  We have listed the required extraction capacities for commonly used standard machines in the PDF attached.  The filters large surface area and high-efficiency fan mean that the system can be used to provide powerful extraction for not only standard machinery but for specialized machinery too, such as CNC machining and panel sizing centres, even when working with MDF. For machinery requiring extra-high air velocity or extraction vacuum, the unit can be fitted with special fans.