Robland S410 Planer

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Machine Overview

Introducing the Robland S410 Planer

For more information on the Robland S410 Planer, please contact R&J Machinery on 01455 840224

Product Features

  • Length planer table 2360mm
  • Spindle diameter 90mm, 4 knives
  • Max planer capacity 4mm
  • Planer fence 90° - 45°
  • Motor 5 Hp / 3 3 x 380V (S1)

Product Options

  • Motor 7.5 Hp / 3 x 380V incl. automatic star delta (S1)
  • Tersa
  • Spiral cutter head
  • Auxiliary fence for planing narrow workpieces
  • SUVA matic

Product Specification

Tension 230V / 400V
Weight 475Kg
Planer width 410mm
Total length planer tables 2360mm
Length in feed planer table 1360mm
Diameter cutter block 90mm
Knives 4
Dimensions knives 410mm x 25mm x 3mm
Dimensions planer fence 1350mm x 200mm
Inclination planer fence 90° - 45°
Max. depth of cut 4mm
Motor power 3.7kW (5 PS/hp)
Dust suction outlet 120mm