TigerStop 2

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About the TigerStop 2

The Tigerstop 2 has an automatic programmable stop and push feed system. It is easy and quick to mount on machines in the wood, PVC, aluminium and metal industry.

Tigerstop systems can be mounted left or right side of machine / equipment. The aluminium fence is robust and 100mm x 100mm in size. The power supply required is a standard 230v, 13amp 3 pin socket. Positioning speed of the Tigerstop is 60m per minute, and the repeat accuracy is 0.1mm. Information can be input via the 4 line LCD screen and key pad controller or by downloading to the controller. The maximum pushing weight is 100kg. Tigerstops can be fitted to existing tables as long as the suitable, brackets are available to help mount the Tigerstop, or tables can purchased specifically designed to take the Tigerstop.

TigerStop 2 Features

  • Stop and pusher function
  • Memory capacity for 100 cut lists
  • Increment function
  • Adjustable speed acceleration and deceleration
  • Build in calculator
  • Control panel
  • Tiltable stop
  • Guide profile
  • Control stand for control panel
  • Bolts and T/nuts for mounting
  • DM safety switch

TigerStop 2 Options

  • Extended arm (100cm)
  • Spring buffer 70cm / 100cm / 130cm
  • Closed roller tables: 1.85m / 2.5m length - 370mm wide / 520mm wide
  • Flat top table: 1.85m / 2.5m length - 370mm wide / 520mm wide
  • Inclined tables with or without tiltable rollers: 1.85m - 325mm / 600mm wide
  • Table support brackets
  • Table attachment bracket
  • Support legs for single end tenoning machine
  • Side fence for in/out feed tables: 1m / 1.85m / 2.5m / 3.7m / 4.3m / 5.4m
  • Pneumatic tiltable arm
  • Extended arm with double stop plate left and right
  • Stop arm for single end tenoning
  • Software: Automatic tiger machine start interlock
  • Software: Tigerset communications software
  • Software: Tigerstop optimizer software packages
  • Software: Tiger optimaster for the wood industry
  • Software: Tigerlink version 5 workflow manager
  • Software: Beamworks multitool software
  • Hardware: Short haul modem set
  • Hardware: Ethernet to serial converter
  • Hardware: Barcode scanner
  • Hardware: Label printer and software package: 2' 50mm or 4' 100mm
  • Hardware: Telemeter, Telemeter mounting brackets

Product Documentation

TigerStop 2 Specification

Profile dimension 100mm x 100mm
Voltage 220V 50Hz
Power 0.6kW Servo Drive
Positioning speed up to maximum 60m per minute
Repeatability 0.1mm
Push up to 100Kg
Display 4 lines LCD
Working length 2.0m
Total length 2.6m