TigerStop Drilling Installation with Pusher System TS63/125D


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Machine Overview

Introducing the TigerStop Drilling Installation with Pusher System TS63/125D

TigerStop Drilling installation with pusher system TS63 / 125D

System available with manual control or fully automatic operation

Fast and Accurate… Every Time 

Product Features

  • TigerStop drilling installation TS63/125D with direct drive
  • Suited for metal, aluminium, PVC or wood
  • Machine functions fully automatically using a TigerStop positioning system

Product Options

  • Due to the many options available on this machine we advise calling us for solutions offered by this product

Product Specification

Drill-head One vertically or two vertically or one vertically and one horizontally
Motor power 1.1Kw (either 1.5 / 2.2Kw)
Speed 1400rpm (choice between 750 and 3000rpm)
Bore Standard 125mm or 160mm (200mm maximum)
Bore capacity About 35mm in wood, 11mm in metal ST50, 13mm in steel pipes, 16mm in aluminium
Drill drive Pneumatic with speed regulator and hydraulic brakes
Drill power 1120N at 6 bar
Waste disposal 1 x Ø 100mm
Drill take up Drill-head UNF ½ - 20 at standard performance
Setting of the Y-axis With double linear 200mm rails (or 300mm). With manual setting and digital display or using a pneumatic cylinder to switch between two positions using Beamworks multitool software.