TigerStop Sawgear 3

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TigerStop Sawgear 3 Features

  • Portable and Job Site Rugged: Sets up in minutes and built rugged enough for job site use
  • Accurate: Plus or minus 0.2mm repeatable accuracy for dead-on cuts every time
  • Easy to Use: Takes just minutes to set up and learn
  • Adaptable: Fits your miter saws and mitre saw stands either to the right or left of the saw
  • Password Protected
  • Stores Cut Lists: Ten lists of up to 10 cut dimensions each; great when working on identical units
  • Crown & Miter Pro: Takes the pain out of cutting crown and makes casing windows and doors a snap
  • Job Site Use: Anti-pinch system helps on the job site
  • Speed: 40m/min. You won’t be waiting to make a cut
  • Works the Way You Do: Enter feet, inches, fractions or feet, inches, and decimal fractions, or switch to metric mode
  • Size: Available 3.0m and 4.0m (working lengths 3.6m and 2.5m)
  • Voltage: 110 VAC (Transformer from 240v is supplied with the Sawgear)
  • Energy saving sleep mode
  • Offset key
  • Language selection : English, Spanish, French

TigerStop Sawgear 3 Options

  • Roller tables - 3 meter
  • Single roller table - 2 meter
  • Flat top tables - 3 meter
  • Single flat top table - 2 meter

About the TigerStop Sawgear 3

The Tigerstop Sawgear is available in 2 sizes, this model is the 3m version giving a working length of 2.5m. The Sawgear is an affordable solution for smaller workshops who wish to impriove accruacy and speed of production. A ket benefit of the Sawgear is that is can be used in the workshop and also taken on site, due to quick set up times and ease of use.

Sawgear gives you a competitive advantage. Simply attach your Sawgear to existing equipment and experience significantly faster completion times, improved accuracy and overall job quality with reduced waste and rework.

Become more Poductive: Sawgear sets up in minutes, is simple to use, is accuracte to 0.2mm, easily portable, easily moved from one machine to another:or to onsite install - making your you or your staff more prodcutive.

TigerStop Sawgear 3 Specification

Profile dimensions 70mm x 70mm
Precision 0.2mm
Voltage 220 Volt 50 Hz
Speed 40m / min
Programs Up to 10 positions per list, for 10 lists
Display LCD
Profile length 3000mm
Working length 2500mm
Table width 240mm
Table rollers 200mm long at 50mm diameter
Table height adjustable 80cm up to 115cm