TigerStop TSA420 Cross-cut angle saw for aluminium and plastic/synthetics

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Machine Overview

Introducing the TigerStop TSA420 Cross-cut angle saw for aluminium and plastic/synthetics

The TSA 420 is the ideal machine for cutting aluminum and pvc profiles. The TSA420 is equipped with a  hydro pneumatic cylinder that is easy adjustable for a smooth movement. The TSA420 also can cut under different angels, the saw can be turned manually to the angle you prefer.

In combination with a Tigerstop the TSA420 turns into a efficient system.  The system can be used as pusher or a stop. The option to make the installation automatically for 90 degrees cuts makes you production easier and faster. The system is simple to use with a programmable control panel which saves up to 100 cut lists. There is also an option to transfer the data over the network. Tigerstop has different software solutions that help you  improve your production!

Product Features

  • The sawing mechanism is mounted under a rotating table, this table rotates on it central axis thus maintaining the zero point
  • Setting the angle is done manually, several notches for angles are built in the table to make this process easy, precise and fast
  • Includes sprinkler system, hood with safety switch and horizontal and vertical clamps

Product Options

  • Extra tables
  • Automatic cycle system
  • Safety guards etc.
  • TigerStop automatic pushers in various lengths

Product Specification

Cutting height 145mm max
Cutting width 180mm at 50mm height (50mm at 130mm height)
Cutting angles 30-45-90-45 degrees
Sawblade diameter 420mm
Motor power 2.2Kw
Voltage 400 Volt 50Hz
Sawblade movement Hydro pneumatic
Clamping 2x horizontally, 2x vertically
Dimensions 970mm x 100mm x 150mm
Weight 225Kg