Tigerstop ZS200N Graule Radial arm saw withTigerStop

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About the Tigerstop ZS200N Graule Radial Arm Saw with TigerStop

Graule model ZS200N (with horizontal and Vertical angle adjustment)

The machine ZS200N is designed for use in the wood, pvc and aluminium industry for making 90 degree and angle cuts. The Graule ZS 200N can also be tilted to make compound cuts whereas the ZS200 can only perform Horizontal angles. . The main saw support arm is equipped with 4 bearing sleeves for a perfect linear guidance of the saw to obtain cuts with a high accuracy.

Due to its flexible range of angles the saw can be used in a wide variety of application in the Wood, PVC and Aluminium industry. For the setting of the angles (Horizontal) the machine has pre positioned stops for 90 degree and 45 degree angles. (Optional Digital readers or motorisation via a Tigerstop controller of 1 or 2 axis).

Tigerstop ZS200N Graule Radial Arm Saw Features

  • Motor capacity : 3 kW 400 Volts 3 phase (Brake motor)
  • Sawing capacity : width 420mm at 90 °
  • Height 200mm
  • Saw blade diameter : 520mm
  • Horizontal angles : 45-90–22 degrees
  • Speed 2800rpm
  • Extraction Connection port 95mm
  • Sawing Capacity 45 degrees: 295mm
  • Saw blade bore 40mm
  • Weight without base 105Kg
  • TigerStop Controller for automatic positioning for Angles cuts
  • Cutting capacity at 45 degrees tilt: 140mm
  • Angle adjustment range tiltig Vertically: 60-90-30 degrees

Tigerstop ZS200N Graule Radial Arm Saw Options

  • 10212 Saw blade for wood 520x4,4x40 Z 60 Neg
  • 10439 Saw blade for Aluminium 520x4.4x50 Z FTZ 120
  • 10193 Hydraulic brake for saw stroke
  • 5kW motor instead of 3kW
  • Digital Readout on Angle
  • Extension of the saw stroke - to 500mm
  • Machine base frame
  • Lubrication spray for Aluminium cutting
  • Special Angle on saw table for sharp angle cutting
  • Roller or flat top tables
  • Tigerstop automated positioning system or Sawgear
  • Laser Line - to indicate the cut line
  • Hydraulic Brake for the saw stroke - to prevent kick back
  • Pneumatic clamping
  • Hydropneumatic feed with 2 hands safety start