Number of vertical independent spindles: 12
Number of horizontal spindles on axis X : (2+2)
Number of horizontal spindle on axis Y: (2+2)
N° 1 saw blade unit: (ø 100 mm)
N° 1 Router head: 5 Kw in S1 (6Kw in S6) ISO 30 (12000/24000 rpm) **
Max. thickness of the panel: 50 mm
Control: Full Parametric
Max weight of the panel: Kg 40
Max panel size: X ,Y 1250, Z 50 mm
min panel size: X 270,Y 150 (70 opt.), Z 3 mm
Number of controlled axes: 5
Panel feeding speed: 25 m/min
Spindles speed rotation: 3600 rpm
Saw blade speed rotation: 7000 rpm
Air pressure: 7 bar
Diameter of the dust extraction: 2 x ø 120 mm + 1 x ø 50 mm
Suction system data: (2700 mc / hour) - (30 m/s)
Max drilling depth in horiz. on X and Y axis: 5X 50mm* - Y 30 mm
Max drilling depth in vertical: 43 mm
Max horizontal diameter of the tools: 12 mm
Max vertical diameter of the tools: 35 mm
Motor power drilling head: 1,7 kw
Total power: 7 Kw
Air consumption: 750 nlt / min.
Size: 2900x1650x1890 mm
Weight: Kg 1310

STANDARD DDT (Double Dynamic Transport): Double gripper system with enhanced brushless motors for moving the work-piece in the X axis (continuously): it can also work with a single gripper for small pieces. It allows to make channels and milling with no interruption for the recovery of the clamp. A considerable stability of the milling piece is obtained.

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