Holzmann ABS 4560 Dust Collector

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Machine Overview

Introducing the Holzmann ABS 4560 Dust Collector

The Holzmann ABS 4560 Dust Collector has included in the delivery a connection hood and dust and chip bag set.

Product Features

  • Stable sheet metal construction and excellent air flow perfomance
  • Resistant riveted metal fan
  • Big chip bag capacity therefore low maintenance rate
  • Smart design enables high air velocity and improved (CFM) performance
  • Designed for steady performancy at continuous duty
  • Perfect cost-performance ratio
  • High suction performance thanks to large filter surface
  • Moves around workshop effortlessly on 4 swivel casters

Product Specification

Collector power 4560 m³/h
Hip bag capacity 3 x 160 litre
Chip bag diameter 500mm
Chip bag length 850mm
Metal fan diameter 360mm
Dust collector plug 3 x 100mm
Engine power S1 (100%) / S6 3,7kW / 5,2 kW
Rotation speed 2950 rpm
Voltage 400V
Total height 2330mm
Net weight 140Kg
Gross weight ca. 145Kg
Packaging dimensions 710mm x 1180mm x 860mm