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R&J Machinery visit the Robland factory for BM3000 training

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8th May 2015

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As official Robland Silverline and BM3000 agents R&J Machinery take the responsibility of having well trained and well informed staff very seriously. To do this we belive it is essential our engineers recive full in-depth technical training. Where better to do this than at the Robland factory in Bruge?

Robland pride themselves on manufacturing a wide range of woodworking machinery in their facility in Bruges.

Robland have progressed from not only producing a fantastic range of classical machines, but now have moved forward to building entirely in house a point to point CNC machine known as the BM3000.

The Robland BM3000 gives customers a fantastic opportunity to grow their business without having the costly expense of expanding their workforce. This machine will free up vast amounts of time in production, time that can be spent on the edgebander or sizing panels. The speed and accuracy of the head movement means drilling out your carcasses for hinges or other fixtures and fittings becomes quick and precise.The Robland BM3000 also is equipped with a saw for grooving and a router for light routing work.