Altendorf F45

A masterpiece of power, precision and control

Introducing the Altendorf F45 Panel Saw

Power, precision and control from this best-selling table saw

The figurehead of a new generation, the Altendorf F45 panel saw comes with a choice of three completely new control units, all of which enable you to control up to four axes from the centrally-positioned eye-level control panel.

The Altendorf F45's new machine frame combines unprecedented torsion resistance with extremely low levels of vibration, while the smooth front and clear foot space on the floor enable you to operate closer to the machine and the workpiece. The famously smooth-running sliding table, featuring many new design tweaks, remains the undisputed benchmark for precision cutting.

Complementing these impressive features is the eye-level control unit, to assist you in determining the height and tilt of the saw blade plus, depending on your choice of control package (covered in detail below), speed and other functions. The sharp industrial design of the Altendorf F45 underlines the distinctive quality of the Altendorf brand.

The Altendorf F45 Panel Saw

Our Altendorf F45 Configurator allows you to spec your machine and send it to us for a quick quote. A large screen is required to use it, so please visit this webpage on a large screen or tablet (in landscape orientation) to configure your ideal Altendorf F45!

Altendorf F45 Base Specification

A masterpiece of technology and design

The Altendorf F45 panel saw is packed with great features and specification on the standard setup, including:

  • Motorised rise/fall and tilt adjustment (0 – 46°) for main saw blade with automatic cutting height correction when saw blade tilted.
  • Eye-level control unit, swivelling.
  • Sliding table, table length of 3000 mm.
  • Rip fence with manual adjustment using graduated scale, includes fine adjustment and cutting width of 1000 mm.
  • Crosscut fence with fixed 90° angle, manual adjustment using graduated scale up to 3200 mm.
  • Maximum saw blade projection of 150 mm, maximum saw blade diameter of 450 mm.
  • Motor rating 4 kW (5.5 HP), single speed (4000 rpm).
  • AKE tool clamping system for the main saw blade.

Configure My Altendorf F45!

Now you can wave goodbye to compromise! From now on you decide what features your new Altendorf F45 will have. Use our Configurator to view the options available to you, and send your ideal specification to us for a quick quote from our team.

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Choose a Control Unit

Control Unit Choice *

There are three control units available for the Altendorf F45, each of which will allow you to move up to four axes and tilt the saw unit – to either side. Explore each for a full understanding of their features.

A photo of the F45 ProDrive control unit A photo of the F45 EvoDrive control unit A photo of the F45 ElmoDrive control unit
F45 ProDrive

Control up to four axes and more.

F45 EvoDrive

Efficiency-boosting features already on board.

F45 ElmoDrive

Control technology without equal.

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Choose the ProDrive

Choose the EvoDrive

Choose the ElmoDrive

Choose Your Saw Unit + Options

Saw Unit Choice *

Choose between one-way and two-way tilting saw units.

A photo of the F45 one-way tilt saw unit A photo of the F45 two-way tilt saw unit
One-Way Tilt Saw Unit

High torque and power.

Two-Way Tilt Saw Unit

Maximum practicality.

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Choose One-Way Tilt Saw

Choose Two-Way Tilt Saw

Sliding Table Choices

A photo of the Altendorf F45 sliding table
Sliding Table Length

The Altendorf sliding table is renowned for its smooth, precise running. The large dumbbell rollers guide the moving table with absolute precision between the hard-chromed guide bars. Robust though it is, the table responds to even a light touch, gliding smoothly and securely as if on rails. And it retains this ease of movement even after decades of hard work, dust and dirt.

Do you require a Fixed Rear Table Extension?
On/off switches on sliding table?

Please note this is not available in conjuction with the TIP-SERVO-DRIVE (below).

A photo of a TIP-SERVO-DRIVE

The motorised servo drive for the sliding table moves even the heaviest of workpieces back and forth easily during cutting, taking the physical strain off your body – and your back in particular. The electronic sensor control handle responds to the lightest of touches, so you can maintain an upright and relaxed posture throughout the cutting operation. The TIP-SERVO-DRIVE cannot be used in combination with the on/off switches on sliding table option or the vacuum clamping in sliding table option.

Scorer Unit Choices

A photo of a two-axis scorer unit A photo of a RAPIDO Plus three-axis scorer unit
Two-Axis Scorer Unit

Comes with electronic vertical and lateral adjustment, programmable scorer blade height, rapid deploy and retract and 0.75 kW (1 HP) motor (8,200 rpm). For retrofitting only to machines designed to accommodate a scorer unit.

Three-Axis Scorer Unit (RAPIDO Plus)

With motorised vertical, lateral and cutting width adjustment, including saw blade, programmable scorer blade height, rapid deploy and retract, saw blade width display and 0.75 kW (1 HP) motor (8,200 rpm). For retrofitting only to scorer-unit-ready machines.

Choose Two-Axis Scorer Unit

Choose Three-Axis Scorer

I don't need a Scorer Unit

A photo of the illumination LEDs
LED Illumination

Particularly energy-efficient LEDs render the hazard area around the scorer highly visible.

Right of the Blade

Rip Fence Choice *

There are three rip fence choices available for the Altendorf F45, each offering unsurpassed precision.

A photo of the rip fence with manual fine adjustment A photo of the DIGIT X display A photo of the CNC rip fence
Manual Rip Fence

The easy, manual, precision fine adjustment makes for great accuracy.


Digital cutting width display for the rip fence with manual fine adjustment.

CNC Rip Fence

Our automated precision five-point recirculating ball screw system.

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Choose Manual

Choose DIGIT X

Choose CNC

Left of the Blade

Which cut to the left of the blade? *

Please make your selection of fence below.

A photo of the F45 manual crosscut fence with fixed 90° angle A photo of the F45 crosscut-mitre fence A photo of the F45 Parallelogram cross slide A photo of the F45 CNC crosscut fence
Manual Crosscut Fence / Fixed 90° Angle

Provides precision cuts on workpieces of different lengths and formats.

Crosscut-Mitre Fence

This patented Altendorf fence can make both square cuts and mitre cuts.

Parallelogram Cross Slide

Accurate and wear-free, this system features a robust locking mechanism.

CNC Crosscut Fence

This CNC fence makes it possible to complete square and mitre cuts with great precision

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Further Options

Do you require a Double-Sided Mitre Fence?

Three models area available, each with a few choices of stop length.

A photo of the F45 DUPLEX double-sided mitre fence A photo of the F45 DUPLEX D double-sided mitre fence A photo of the F45 DUPLEX DD double-sided mitre fence
DUPLEX Double-Sided Mitre Fence

DUPLEX fences make mitre cuts at any angle between 0 and 90° with speed and precision.

DUPLEX D Double-Sided Mitre Fence

Offering the same functionality as the DUPLEX plus a digital angle display.

DUPLEX DD Double-Sided Mitre Fence

Digital angle display and digital length display for adjustment, automatic length compensation.

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I don't need a Double-Sided Mitre Fence

A photo of the manual quick-action clamp
Manual Quick-Action Clamp

the alternative to the pneumatic clamp. The manual quick-action clamp can be positioned on the sliding table easily and is equally easy to fix in place, ensuring the workpiece is reliably retained on the table and against the crosscut fence. It has a clamping height of up to 200 mm and provides extra safety at very little extra cost.

A photo of the quick-action pneumatic clamp
Quick-Action Pneumatic Clamp

This clamp secures the workpiece in place on the sliding table. Activated by radio remote control, the quick-action clamp exerts a clamping force of up to 1,000 N to securely retain the workpiece against the crosscut fence. It can clamp workpieces up to 170 mm thick. Available with one or two clamping units. Pneumatic connection to be provided by customer (6 bar).

A photo of the laser cutting line marker
Laser Cutting Line Marker

The laser cutting line marker shows the cutting line clearly for all cut lengths, which is useful when trimming or cutting marked jobs such as steps. Use it to save both time and materials.

A photo of the Altendorf F45 vacuum clamping system
Vacuum Clamping System in the Sliding Table

Altendorf is the first in the world to apply proven vacuum clamping technology to sliding table saws. The system, which is integrated into the sliding table itself, has at its heart a powerful vacuum pump that generates a vacuum via pairs of suction grippers arranged in the sliding table. The various suction zones positioned along the length of the sliding table can be activated individually at the touch of a button, allowing the vacuum to be matched optimally to each workpiece. Panels of wood, plastic and non-ferrous metals remain securely in position on the sliding table throughout even complex cuts such as angles, long mitres and cuts to an outside dimension. Another touch of a button is all it takes to release the workpiece. Vacuum clamping improves reliability, precision and convenience and helps to eliminate manual operating errors. All table lengths feature the same five pairs of suction grippers. Each pair can be activated separately. Additional pairs of suction grippers are available on request. Not compatible with TIP-SERVO-DRIVE.

A photo of the Altendorf F45 pneumatic pressure beam
Pneumatic Pressure Beam

This is an ideal solution for securely retaining workpieces of up to 80 mm thick, making it particularly useful when working with long and thin materials such as veneers. It comes in two separately-controlled pieces. A 6 bar pneumatic connection is required.

A photo of the toolbox

The practical toolbox is a closable container capable of holding up to six tool carriers (maximum saw blade diameter 550 mm) ready for use. This option requires a minimum sliding table length of 3,000 mm. The basic toolbox includes 4 saw blade carriers.

A photo of STEG
STEG Support

The STEG second support makes sizing large panels more straightforward for the user.

A photo of the clipboard

Mounted on the eye-level control panel, the clip board allows you to attach your cutting lists so you have your ongoing jobs in view at all times.

A photo of the infeed support roller
Infeed Support Roller

The 300 mm-wide infeed support roller is particularly useful when cutting longer workpieces against the rip fence. It folds away under the sliding table (minimum length 3,000 mm) when not required.

A photo of the PALIN

Used in combination with the crosscut fence, the PALIN makes it possible to complete parallel and conical cuts in long, narrow workpieces with absolute accuracy. The measuring system butts against the side of the workpiece rather than the end, so no cutting length is lost and workpieces of differing lengths can quickly be cut exactly parallel without the PALIN having to be moved. The PALIN can be used as an additional workpiece support too if the measuring system is removed. Also available is the PALIN D model, which offers digital measurement display and fine adjustment.

A photo of the coolant spray device
Coolant Spray Device

Use of a coolant spray device is recommended when working with plastics with a low melting point and for certain light metal alloys. Your Altendorf will cut nonferrous metals and plastics cleanly, with sharp contours, to within a tenth of a millimetre.