German edgebanders offering high precision and processing qualities unmatched elsewhere.

For the last 40 years Hebrock Edgebanders have been known as EBM in the UK, and were only available through Ney Ltd. As a company, Hebrock is now owned by Altendorf and together they form the Altendorf Group. Being the world leader in sliding table panel saws, Altendorf wanted to offer its customers an equally high-quality edgebander. Located only 20 minutes from the Altendorf Factory in Germany, Hebrock was the perfect complement to Altendorf.

Today, Hebrock Edgebanders are available through the main Altendorf UK agent, R&J Machinery.

Hebrock 2000 series example product

Hebrock 2000 Series

Compact, sophisticated edgebanding technology

Hebrock 2000 Series edgebanders are compact models aimed at beginners, but without sacrificing the performance and engineering qualities of Hebrock's larger machines. The three models available (Top 2000, Top 2000 Plus and Top 2003) feature glue pot, trim saw, top/bottom trimming, profile radius scraper, surface scraper and buffer unit. They are the ideal entry-level edgebander for your workshop.

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Hebrock F Series

Precision edgebanding technology for trade users

Hebrock F Series edgebanders are developed with the specific requirements of modern trade users in mind. For sophisticated engineering, precise edge processing (including complete finishing) and convenient operator controls (such as touch-screen operated control units) look no further than Hebrock’s edgebanders. Optional features available. Hebrock edgebanders are thoroughly practical solutions made in Germany and combine excellent performance with unbeatable quality.

EBM F200 / EBM F400 / EBM F500 edgebanders.

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Hebrock F series example product
Hebrock 3000 series example product

Hebrock 3000 Series

Top-of-the-line production edgebanders

The Hebrock 3000 Series edgebanders are the top range for production use. They provide a perfect finish for workshops that require a reliable, fully-featured edgebander capable of running 8 hours a day, day in day out. These edgebanders offer precision glue application, zero glue joints, and laser edge technology is available as an optional extra feature. We strongly encourage you to visit us to see these machines in action!

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A bright future for Hebrock

Hebrock (formerly EBM) has developed and manufactured high-quality edge banding machines since 1980. Headquartered in Bünde in the German state of Westphalia, Hebrock edgebanders are now sold internationally to over thirty countries.

In April 2018, Hebrock was purchased by Altendorf to compliment it's leading range of sliding table saw machinery, with a view to strengthening the synergy between the two companies and continually improving the machinery available to the customer. The future of Hebrock is bright!

R&J Machinery – Hebrock Stockist

R&J Machinery has a long relationship with Altendorf dating back to 1994, and we are proud to be a preferred stockist of their machines and spare parts. With the acquisition of Hebrock into the Altendorf stable, we are excited to become a top-tier supplier of these fantastic Hebrock edgebanding machines in the UK and Europe. Our team of service and repair engineers are well versed on the Hebrock machinery range, past and present.

You can be sure that our team are fully qualified to offer you guidance on the ideal Hebrock edgebander for you, and fully qualified to service and maintain your existing machine(s) to the highest standard. We look forward to talking to you soon about all things Hebrock!