Altendorf F45

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Introducing the Altendorf F45 Panel Saw

In stock now for quick delivery, the brand new Altendorf F45 panel saw. Advertised price includes for delivery and installation with 150 miles of our Hinckley office, and allows for 1 day for an engineer.

The Altendorf F45 is undoubtable the world's favourite panel saw, with thousands of machines being operated daily in the UK alone. The distinctive trademark of the smooth sliding table and incomparable build quality is loved by the users. It is a powerhouse produced with the latest manufacturing technology. The saw shaft runs incredibly smoothly: this is because it is electronically balanced as a fully assembled unit, and extensive use is made of cast components. The high-precision vertical movement of the unit is linear with maintenance-free guide bearings. The robust tilt quadrants incorporate the traditional Altendorf tongue and groove connection system, which allows the whole unit to tilt easily and precisely to exactly the correct angle.

Before even adding any of the brilliantly engineered and time saving options to your Altendorf F45 you start with a powerhouse in sawing technology, a machine that has consumed over 100 years of innovation and development from a company that only manufactures panel saws allowing 100% of their companies focus in a handful of superb products.

The Altendorf F45 is a machine that suit’s small bespoke workshops that require a versatile machine for ripping solid timber or perfectly squaring and sizing panels. However, alternatively it will handle a large demanding factory environment where strength and reliability is key to keeping production flowing.

The past 20 years R&J Machinery have supplied Altendorf F45 panel saws to a huge amount of customers, with the majority of them still operating with the same accuracy levels and still believing that choosing an Altendorf was the best decision they made.

At R&J Machinery, we have developed a great understanding of the Altendorf F45 allowing us and our team of highly skilled Altendorf trained engineers to know and understand what our customers require. We can offer the full package from back up to our large in house stock of spare parts to over the phone technical help and advice.

To tailor your Altendorf F45 to your specification, we would only be too happy to discuss this with. Please call 01455 840224.

  • SCORER: RAPIDO scorer
  • Motorised scorer adjustment
  • RAPIDO plus
  • VARIO drive
  • TIP servo drive
  • Eye-level operating panel
  • Digit L and digit LD
  • Duplex double-sided mitre fence
  • Duplex D
  • Duplex DD
  • Parallelogram cross slide
  • WORKPIECE SUPPORTS: Cross slide extension
  • Additional cross slide
  • STEG - second support on the sliding table
  • Infeed support table
  • Table extensions and cutting widths
  • RIP FENCES: Rip fence, manual adjustment with Digit X/digital display
  • Rip fence, motorised adjustment
  • WORKPIECE FIXTURES: Quick action pneumatic clamp
  • Manual quick action clamp
  • Pneumatic pressure beam
  • Vacuum clamping
  • PALIN: Laser cutting line
  • Coolant spray device

Altendorf F45 Specification

Sliding Table Length 3200 mm
LED Light strip Illuminated when scorer starts - Yes
Motor Power 5.5 HP
Rip Fence manual Adjustment 1300 mm
2 axis scoring unit - Yes
Pro-drive overhead controls - Yes
Rear take off table 840 mm
ON / OFF Switches mounted on sliding table - Yes

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