Altendorf WA8 TE

new machine

Machine Overview

Introducing the Altendorf WA8 TE

The Altendorf WA8 TE is the perfect option for a sub-ten thousand pound budget, and the requirement of a 3200mm sliding table and 1300mm rip fence.

The sliding table is typically Altendorf, smooth running, accurate and incredibly reliable. The saw unit is quite powerful and well balanced as you would expect from this prestigious manufacturer.

All of Altendorf's 111 years of panel saw production is clearly displayed in the WA8 TE. Altendorf demonstrate their ability to produce machines not only for  companies with larger budgets but for new start companies or those that do not require the options that the Altendorf F45 has to offer.

For further information please contact our sales team on 01455 840224

Product Features

  • Machine frame control panel - All functions are easily accessed on the control panel on the machine frame. You can control the rise/fall and tilt of the main saw blade at the touch of a button. The tilt angle is shown on the digital display.
  • Large extraction hood - The large Altendorf extraction and safety hood system boasts a design which ensures optimised airflow. You can switch between narrow and wide hoods in seconds. The hood allows cutting heights of up to 125mm (with or without scoring unit) and can be swung away fully to one side.
  • Rip fence - The rip fence is smooth and precise to adjust. The hard chrome plated round bar ensures the fence moves smoothly. If you need to divide large panels, you can swing the rip fence away under the level of the machine table.
  • Crosscut fence - The robustly mounted crosscut fence enables precise cutting of 90° angles. All settings are easy to read off the slanted scales. The flip stops are robust, free of play and are easy to slide individually along the full crosscutting range.

Product Options

  • Scoring unit with motorised adjustment - fitted on stock machines
  • RAPIDO Scoring tool
  • Rip fence with fine adjustment
  • Digit X
  • Large extraction hood - fitted on stock machines
  • Small extraction hood
  • Crosscut fence DIGIT L
  • DUPLEX double sided mitre fence
  • One sided mitre fence - fitted with stock machines
  • STEG - Second support on the sliding table
  • Manual quick action clamp
  • 1100mm or 1300mm Rip fence - 1300mm fitted to stock machines

Product Specification

Machine weight 1100Kg
Table height 910mm
Rip fence Cutting widths 1000mm, 1300mm
Motor 5.5kW
Voltage 380-420V
Current (A) without/with sensor 11.5/13.5
Fuses/circuit breakers (A) 25
Top connection - Small Extraction Hood Ø = 50mm
Top connection - Large Extraction Hood Ø = 80mm
Bottom connection Ø = 120mm
Pressure drop 1500 Pa with a total connection diameter Ø = 140mm
Minimum air requirement Vmin = 1500m³/h at 25m/sec
Sliding table Length 3200mm