Altendorf WA80X

Eye-level operating panel

Crosscut-mitre fence: This fence simplifies crosscuts and mitre cuts because it does both

Smooth-running and powerful: The Altendorf saw unit.

The Altendorf WA80 X panel saw with its three motorised axes is built on the same production lines as the classic models of the F 45 product range in Germany, with the same high-quality standards. The eye level control panel of the Altendorf WA80X can be pivoted to the most convenient position for ease of use, allowing the control of the motorised rip fence, powered rise and fall and not forgetting the powered tilt. As from all Altendorf panel saws you can be sure that the sliding carriage contains only the best Altendorf quality parts from the tried and trusted double roller carriage system to the high-precision fences. We can tailor the machine just as you like for whatever work you do with a range of options such as the Digit LD crosscut mitre fence, or the additional workpiece supports.

Our experienced sales team would be more than happy to discuss all available options to you either by phone, at our showroom or by appointment at your workshop.

Tick bullet point CNC rip fence with Pivoting eye level control panel choose from 800mm, 1000mm or 1300mm.
Tick bullet point Crosscut fence fixed choose from standard or Digit L. stops to 2500 or 3200mm
Tick bullet point Crosscut mitre fence. choose from standard, Digit L or Digit LD. stops to 2500 or 3200mm
Tick bullet point Parallelogram cross slide table (PQS) choose from standard, Digit L or Digit LD. Stops to 2500 or 3200mm
Tick bullet point RAPIDO scoring tool
Tick bullet point LED warning illumination strip, for use when Scorer blade is in operation.
Tick bullet point Motor upgrades, choose from 5.5Kw (7.5hp) or 7.5Kw (10hp)
Tick bullet point On/off switches mounted to sliding carriage.
Tick bullet point Cross slide extension for crosscut fences
Tick bullet point DUPLEX double sided mitre fence. Choose from standard, D or DD.
Tick bullet point One-sided mitre fence, stops to 2500 mm
Tick bullet point STEG – second support on the sliding table
Tick bullet point Sliding table Lengths - 2250mm, 3000mm, 3200mm, 3400mm, 3800mm,
Tick bullet point PALIN/Parallel cutting device - settable using digital dimension display with fine adjustment
Tick bullet point Manual quick-action clamp

Altendorf WA80X Specification

Cutting Height 0-125 mm
Cutting heights at 45° (mm) (400mm Diameter blade) 0-87 mm
Motor 4 kw
Extraction Connections 80 and 120 mm