Barbaric B10A Indoor Manipulator


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Machine Overview

Introducing the Barbaric B10A Indoor Manipulator

A modern non working area bounded production process needs mobile handling systems to carry out installation work and transport by only one step.
Developed for assembly of doors and windows as well for sealing work directly at the workpiece and loading into a container.

Product Features

  • Used for manipulation of plates and all kinds of piece goods
  • The indoor manipulator is equipped with a rotation and tilting system
  • Pick up of load by suction cups, special grab or hook
  • Control of drive movement by the pole switch
  • Braking during drive movement by release of drive control switch
  • Speed of lifting and lowering can be regulated exactly by keystroke
  • The manipulator is controlled by hand switch for hydraulic and vacuum system
  • Basic equipment with corresponding safety system

Product Options

  • Safe working load 500Kg
  • Tilting range 180°
  • Movement of load forward and back approx. 350mm
  • Movement of load across to fork approx. 200mm
  • Design for bent glass plates with radius from 600mm

Product Specification

Safe working load 300Kg
Rotation range 90°
Tilting range 180°
Lifting speed 6 m/min
Lifting Height 2,5 m
Driving speed 6 km/h