Barbaric CSF Industrial Panel Storage System

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With the panel storage system CSF's industrial, Barbaric can offer an individual solution for your special demands. There are almost no constraints on your wishes. Renowned industrial enterprises rely on the stability and reliability of Barbaric systems.

The equipment of the manipulator provides high system security. Throughout, maintenance free components ensure high availability of the system.

With the 180° rotation device parts can be aligned on both sides. A special angle correctionof +/- 5° guarantees straight and correct stacks. The XY-alignment functions ensure the alignment of parts on machine stoppers. This allows doors to match the orientation and the veneer or can be outsourced to a further processing machine.

The panel storage system CSF's meets the high industrial demands for functionality and performance: Cycle times below 1 minute, Movement speeds up to 150 m/min, Crane bridge lengths up to 25m and Integration of chain conveyors or conveyor belts.

Barbaric CSF Features

  • Extremely large storage areas possible (up to 25m x 70m)
  • Optimized material flow
  • Gentle manipulation, no damaging of the panels during transport
  • Optimization of space
  • Reduced personnel expenses
  • Simplification and alleviation of production processes
  • High transportation services
  • Highest machine availabilty
  • Highest flexibility in production processes
  • Significant increase in productivity
  • All basic functionalities of the panel storage system CSF integrated
  • Adjustment to existing software solutions
  • Optimized utilization of storage space
  • Transparency with regards to stock quantities
  • Simple inventory procedure, current stock levels at all times
  • Fully automated panel handling
  • Highly flexible system, cycle times below 45 seconds possible
  • Special designs according to your requirements

Barbaric CSF Options

  • Panel size length max. 5600mm
  • Panel size width, thickness and weight available on request
  • Panel rest size for re-integration length 1200mm - 4200mm
  • Stack height up to 2500mm
  • Stack distance up to 100mm