Barbaric doorLifter

Comfortable control system enables variable lifting or lowering of the door leaves by frequency inverter. All control elements for lifting system and vacuum lifter are integrated in the special handle. For this reason the operation of the machine and the handling of the load can be carried out by one hand.

Safety system prevents accidental release due to faulty operation. Release of door leaf is not possible until positioning. Risk-free overhead use: no function when the release button is pressed.

Barbaric doorLifter Features

Tick bullet point Tilting speed is infinitely variable
Tick bullet point Vacumm is produced by pneumatic vacuum pump with ventury system
Tick bullet point For hook in to customers trolley an eyelet is provided on the hoist
Tick bullet point Design with electronic tilting system with tilting range of 180°
Tick bullet point Used for vertical and horizontal transport of door leaves
Tick bullet point Handle and suspension point are adjustable
Tick bullet point Safe working load of 250 kg

Product Documentation

Barbaric doorLifter Specification

Safe working load 200Kg
Part size max. L 2500mm x B 1500mm in case of load pick up transversely to the load
Hoisting speed 0-10 m/min variable by frequency inverter
Lifting height approx. 2.5m
Operating voltage 230 V / 50 Hz
Operating pressure 6 bar, filtered, compressed air is requested
Lower edge of running rail approx. 4.5m (out of scope)