Barbaric flexiLifter

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Barbaric flexiLifter Features

  • Unique gripping system to handle workpieces on a frame
  • The flexiLifter is also suitable for packed goods
  • The clamping range amounts to 50-150 mm, the clamping pressure can be set. The hoisting unit is controlled infinitely variable
  • Different materials - e. g. windows, doors, glass plates, metal frames, claddings, stone slabs - can be manipulated guaranteed damage-free
  • Unique gripping system to handle workpieces on a frame

Barbaric flexiLifter Options

  • Safety package
  • Radio control

Barbaric flexiLifter Specification

Hoisting speed 0-10 m/min variable by frequency inverter
Operating voltage 230 V / 50 Hz
Clamping range 50 - 150 mm
Size of parts min. 500mm x 500mm - max. 3000mm x 3000mm