Barbaric LCV Feeding System

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Machine Overview

Introducing the Barbaric LCV Feeding System

A Barbaric LCV Feeding System allows an easy and fast feeding of your manufacturing machine. In this area Barbaric can offer custom made systems built with simple yet high quality components. Benefits are low space requirement and the physical relief of production workers. An investment with tremendous value for craft and industry production.

All of the essential functions of the panel storage system CSF were retained at the feeding system LCV. By concentrating on essential functions the system can convince with simplicity and reliability.

All functions are integrated to save space: Lifting Motor, Horizontal Motor, Rotation Device (optional), Switch Cabinet.

Product Features

  • Optimized material flow
  • Gentle manipulation, no damaging of the panels during transport
  • Optimization of space
  • Reduced personnel expenses
  • Simplification and alleviation of production processes
  • Payback periods below one year possible
  • Fully automated panel handling
  • Visualization in 2D and 3D system
  • Simple and intuitive user interface
  • Fully automated standardized hardware interfaces for different saw manufacturers
  • Automated panel feeding

Product Options

  • Three axis system (XYZ)
  • Panel length and width longer on request
  • Stacking height up to 2500mm

Product Specification

Plant Size: System DesignTwo axis system (XZ)
Plant Size: LengthUp to 50mm
Movement Speeds: X-Axis80 m/min
Movement Speeds: Z-Axis25 m/min
Panel Sizes: Length2000mm - 4200mm
Panel Sizes: Width600mm - 2100mm
Panel Sizes: Thicknessfrom 8mm
Panel Weight200Kg
Stack Height1800mm
Stack Distance150mm
Lifting Hole2000mm x 600mm