Casolin Mega 230/5-6 PLUS

About the Casolin Mega 230/5-6 PLUS

The Casolin four sided spindle moulder has been designed with particular attention to the general working principles. The result is a machine with a high degree of flexibility in the different operations associated with an easy use that facilitates the approach for the operator.

The choice of processing methods and materials was made with a view to obtaining a high degree of precision of the finished piece.

and long life of all the parts. Assembly and testing were carried out by qualified personnel with decades of experience in the sector.

The machine has an ergonomic line, attention to details, control in plain sight with clear, easy to understand icons.

The cabinet is in steel for operator safety. The four sided spindle moulder Mega Casolin is in three different models: 5 fixed shafts - 4 fixed shafts and universal - 5 fixed shafts and universal.

Tick bullet point Automatic table lubrication
Tick bullet point Motorised lower pull roller
Tick bullet point Centralised lubrication with manual pump
Tick bullet point Booth lights

Casolin Mega 230/5-6 PLUS Features

Casolin Mega 230/5-6 PLUS Specification

Width of finished piece with diameter 125 tools 20-230 mm
Height of finished piece with diameter 125 and diameter 125 tools on universal shaft 7-120 mm
Feeding speed 5-25 m/min
Shafts diameter 40 mm
Working length of horizontal shafts 252 mm
Working length of vertical shafts 150 mm
Table length before planer 2500 mm
Feeding roller diameter 140 mm