Casolin Avant 1100

Avant 1100 sanding machine.

Casolin Avant 1100 Features

Tick bullet point Calibrating - sanding machine
Tick bullet point Available in 4 versions ( 1 belt roller and pad - 2 belts 1 roller and 1 pad - 2 belt rollers and roller - 2 belt roller and roller and pad)
Tick bullet point Machine with shaped front locking unit for fast and convenient worn-belt replacement
Tick bullet point Handle for convenient adjustment of grain thickness and pneumatic roller disengagement/synchronization system
Tick bullet point Rubber covered pressure riller with work-piece anti return safety device
Tick bullet point Extra strong paper tensioning pneumatic unit with internal pressure balancing

Casolin Avant 1100 Specification

Working width 1100 mm
Min working height 3 mm
Belt size 2150 x 1140 mm
Feed speed 6-12 mt/min
Feed motor power 0.37-0.55 Kw
Lifting motor power 0.18 Kw
Max working height 150 mm