Casolin Frame Press Junior

The Junior automatic press is the machine born to satisfy the production needs of medium and large frame series. The machine is characterised by self-centering horizontal cylinders which make it possible to always work at the centre of the structure and to distribute the pressure perfectly over the frame. The press is available with standard working dimension of 2100 x 3000 mm or on request with maximum height of 2500 mm and length until 5000 mm maximum. The positioning of the cross beam and horizontal cylinders can be done semi automatically with the electric controls on request, automatically with photocell device which reads the dimension of the frame.

Casolin Frame Press Junior Specification

Usable working height min/max 350/2100 mm
Usable working width min/max 250/3000 mm
Normal vertical thrust pressure min/max 900/9000 Kg
Normal horizontal thrust pressure min/max 280/2800 Kg
Horizontal piston stroke 100 mm
Pump power 4 Kw
Weight 2700 Kg