Cehisa Return Conveyor

About the Cehisa Return Conveyor

The CEHISA Automatic Return is the ultimate solution to increase productivity by making the elaboration process of the panel as efficient as possible. This panel return system is adaptable to the entire CEHISA range and can be amortised in a short time.

The CEHISA Return adjusts it self automatically to the working speed of the edger and has been designed with the highest safety and ergonomic standards to simplify even more the work to the operator and release him from a heavy physical effort.

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Product Documentation

Cehisa Return Conveyor Specification

Panel Dimension maximum Length 2400mm
Panel Dimension minimum length 150mm
Panel Dimension maximum width 1000mm
Panel Dimension minimum width 150mm
Panel minimum thickness 10mm
Panel maximum thickness 60mm
Panel maximum weight 80kg