Cosmec Conquest 715

Cosmec conquest 715

The machine can be supplied in nesting cell format, which would include automatic loading and automatic unloading. The machine is ideally suited to large production of kitchens and cabinet doors whilst is flexible enough to cope with most other production types.

The software included comes complete with the Aspan Nesting option to enable easy nesting of components when required. A tool length pre-setter comes as standard for ease of tool setting.

Cosmec Conquest 715 Specification

Working area X from 3.210 to 22.210 mm Y 2.210 mm Z 250-500-700-1.000 mm .
Vector speed 85 mt/min .
Linear speed 60 mt/min .
Electrospindle max. speed 24000 rpm .
Electrospindle attack ISO 30-HSK F 63 .
Electrospindle power 12-16-18 KW .
Vacuum pump capacity 100-250-500 m3/h .
Rotary tool changer 12 positions .
Rack tool changer 12 positions .
Max. number of installable tools 48 .
Numerical controls OSAI/SIEMENS .