Inventair Mk4 MTFA

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About the Inventair Mk4 MTFA

The process could not be simpler for the collection of chipboard and MDF sawdust to wood chippings.All these units are fitted with powerful, self-cleaning fans to transport the waste material through a ductwork system into the unit for separation. On entering the unit the bulk waste spins into polythene bags and the finer dust is filtered through Highglaze Terylene Needlefelt media to allow the air to return to the working area without heat loss. Each unit is fitted with Inventair special swirl baffles which maximises even bag fill evenly with waste.

Auto Cleaning - Each filter unit in this range is supplied with its own D.O.L fan and shaker controller. This electronic unit controls the shut down routine to clean the filter media by allowing the fan to stop before activating the shaker motor mounted on top of the filter unit. Feel free to contact R&J Machinery for more information.

Inventair Mk4 MTFA Features

  • Automatic Cleaning
  • Unique Swirl Baffles
  • Quick connection filters
  • Robust manufacture

Inventair Mk4 MTFA Specification

Motor 7.5 kW
Dimensions Width 725mm, Length 3440mm
Volume 5950 m3/hour
Inlet diameter 315mm
Weight 325kg