Italpresse High Frequency HF Generators


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Machine Overview

Introducing the Italpresse High Frequency HF Generators

The Italpresse high frequency hf generators are available in various outputs, please contact R&J Machinery on 01455 840224

Product Features

  • HF Generators to glue plywood, strips of wood or solid wood bending
  • Transformer with high voltage output - adjustable in 5 positions to adapt the generator to different kinds of jobs
  • Silicium diode bridge - constant efficiency through time, cooling fans between diodes to cool down the heat; electric resistance for protection against short circuit
  • Centrifugal fan - for the best cooling of the triode, studied just for high frequency generators
  • Variable anodic condenser - it allows a better anodic power adjustment, so to adapt the generator to different kinds of job. Motorized control
  • High frequency output - the high frequency is transferred through a shielded cable, directly to the piece without any leakage
  • Working cycle timer - it allows to set the proper high frequency cycle time
  • Oscillating circuit - of the high generator. Device with a very high efficiency controlled by amperometers and thermostat to keep always the right value of the generator
  • High efficiency ceramic triode

Product Options

  • Variable grid condenser to adjust the grid current separately and indepently from anodic current. Motorized control
  • Double high frequency output
  • Double timer working cycle - it allows two differenct high frequency cycle times (eg Right press = high frequency cycles of 5 minutes - Left press = high frequency cycles of 2 minutes) without resetting the timer every time the operator switches from one to the other

Product Specification

Output 10Kw
Absorbed 13.5Kw