Italpresse Hydraulic Frame Clamp with Top Pressing Beam mod. FALCON/S


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Machine Overview

Introducing the Italpresse Hydraulic Frame Clamp with Top Pressing Beam mod. FALCON/S

The Italpresse hydraulic frame clamp with top pressing beam mod.FALCON/S is available in various specifications, please contact R&J Machinery for further information on 01455 840224

Product Features

  • Vertical-horizontal adjustable thrust
  • No 2 vertical cylinders for horizontal cross-beam movement
  • No 2 horizontal cylinders for frame squaring and clamping
  • No 2 horizontal squaring fences with quick lock mechanisms
  • Control of horizontal and vertical clamping cylinders by means of manual lever valves
  • Automatic locking-unlocking for the lower beam
  • Lower beam adjustable in three or five positions:
  • 380mm/680mm/980mm for model 3000mm x 1700mm and 3000mm x 2000mm
  • 420mm/720mm/1020mm for model 3500mm x 2000mm
  • 420mm/720mm/1020mm/1170mm/1320mm for model 3500mm x 2500mm

Product Options

  • Swing arm hanging control panel
  • Horizontal upper and lower beams
  • Bar for shutters with pins
  • Bar in two parts with variable pitch
  • Special device to press oblique
  • Extra horizontal cylinder and stop

Product Specification

Internal dimensions 3000mm x 1700mm
Min. useful dinemsion 250 x 340h
Max. horizontal thrust 2400mm
Max. vertical thrust 16000mm
Horizontal cylinders diameter 50mm/35mm
Vertical cylinders diameter 100mm/60mm
Hydraulic power group 3Kw
Vertical cylinders stroke 800mm
Horizontal cylinders stroke 1200mm